The HJ Page

The HJ page has been broken since the first week of February, I have difficulty reading private messages, they have to show up on my phone and immediately be opened for me to access them.  Which means if I’m not looking at my phone when someone sends me a private message, I can’t even read it.

Now I have lost the ability to reply to comments.  FB Tech Support and I have been working on it.  They say the page is acting like I have lost my administrator privileges.  We’ve tried everything from adding an admin then reassigning me as admin to deleting all admins and turning the page over to FB and then having their tech support add me back as the administrator.

However, despite slowly losing more and more of my ability to use the HJ page, it was at least letting me respond to comments and use the like button.  Last night late, I lost the ability to even read comments on the HJ page.  Tech supports newest suggestion was to delete the page and create it again because they aren’t sure what the problem is… However, they will continue to investigate if I don’t want to do that.

So if you PM me or comment on something, I’m not trying to be rude and ignore you, I just don’t have the ability to respond (sometimes even read it)…

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