Demonic Dreams to the Editor

So what did I do to celebrate finally getting Demonic Dreams written?  Most people suggested I get about 12 hours of sleep or make myself a special meal, after all, the last nine months have been a nightmare and getting a book written is huge at the moment, even if it did take 10 months.

This morning I got up and went to a doctor’s appointment regarding my gallbladder and my primary care physician told me that he has found gallbladder issues usually follow major health crises.  He told me I wouldn’t believe the number of people who have their first heart attack and immediately start having gallbladder problems.

He said my gallbladder deciding to give me problems sesemed on point with all my recent health issues.  He wasn’t real happy that I was made to choose between treating my anxiety or treating my pain and I could come in to talk to him about that if I wanted.  Normally he doesn’t compartmentalize problems like he did today, but there were some other factors involved with the gallbladder discussion.  Primarily, family history.  My father and sister have both had theirs removed and while my mother’s seems to be fine, one of my first cousins on her side had her gallbladder rupture before they could surgically remove it.

I get to go in and have a scan done to look at my gallbladder which is so exciting.  I was running a fever when I was in his office, 101.1.  The nurse asked me if I felt sick and I said no but that everyone in my house has been battling crud for about a week now.  So she wasn’t sure if I was getting sick or if it was because of my gallbladder and said either was a possibility.  I have some symptoms I am supposed to watch out for if my fever doesn’t go down or the next few days and I don’t get the crud.

So to celebrate getting Demonic Dreams finally written, I started writing Ritual Dreams and went back to working on The Dysfunctional Mob.

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