Maybe, Done?

My husband is still recovering from that nasty cold he had and my mom is in the midst of it now.  This means I was given permission to use a Sunday, all day, as a writing day.

I have been sleeping in the guest room and hiding behind my computer to avoid getting contaminated by their cooties.  After working almost all day Saturday, I am typing this at 1 am this morning even though it won’t post until later today.  What was I saying?

Oh yes, after spending most of yesterday working on Demonic Dreams my writing software has changed it’s bloody mind again about when I will finish.  It says Monday, however since I have all day to work, I am betting I can get the last 8 chapters banged out today.

Especially since it was very difficult to stop writing Saturday…  If I’d not wanted a little sleep, I probably could have had it done by dawn today.  Unfortunately, I do like to sleep so I finally started shutting everything down and getting ready for bed around 12:50 am.  Then I decided to write a quick update.

So it is possible that K. Smith Proofs will have Demonic Dreams later today.  Which would mean an April release.  I haven’t set a day in April yet, just in case I woke up and feel awful this morning… Maybe I should have done the update tonight instead of last night.

Fingers crossed that I don’t have another round of plague this morning and can finish Demonic Dreams today!

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