Getting Closer

I wrote nearly 7,000 words yesterday.  According to my writing software, I’ll finish Demonic Dreams on March 29th now.  I have worked most of the time I have been out of bed today.

My house is full of nasty colds, it started Tuesday with my husband.  He’s had a bad enough cough that he went to the doctor on Tuesday and since then he has had days where he has run a fever off and on all day.

Today, my mom woke up sick.  Since Tuesday to Saturday isn’t a long enough incubation period even for a cold, she obviously didn’t get it from my husband, meaning her and him were probably exposed to it at relatively close times.

So much fun.

I am avoiding them in a desperate bid to not get it again, since I thought it was going to kill me in January and I don’t know that my body can handle the coughing and excessive sleeping again this year.

This means, I have been hiding in the garage working on Demonic Dreams all week as a result.  I stop at 5 so that I can spend a little time with family watching TV, before bed, but that’s it and I’m not eating or drinking after any of them and I have been sleeping in the spare room.

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