In Other News… Demonic Dreams

Demonic Dreams is coming right along.  I have 55,000 words written on it and still some fun action sequences to write.  Now that I’m through the “boring stuff” it is moving at a much better pace.  There is still quite a bit to reveal and a few people to kill, which is where it should be at this stage with about 20,000 words left to write.

According to my writing software I will finish April 1, 2018.  Of course this is just an estimate based on how many words I am adding each day and now that they have exited the bunker/prison/whatever, it is easier to write…

The good news is that I can probably afford to pay my editor in April too.  Which means an April or May release depending on how busy she is and I have to get the cover finalized because I realized the other day, it’s still in draft form, we never finalized the back because I hate writing the jacket copy (the thing that goes on the back of a book and in the description).  One day I’ll find someone to pay to do that.  Maybe I should talk to my editor about it.  She’s always looking for ways to branch out her services and I don’t know many authors that like writing the jacket copy.

And as the writing moves along on Demonic Dreams, I’ve had a bit of a “ah ha” moment and think I might have made progress on the next two D&R novels, the next Reality novel, and the first in the Death Demon Trilogy.  We shall see when everything is said and done.

I do worry about putting out substandard work, especially with the Lyrica flowing through my veins.  I don’t have a lot of side effects with it, but I do have a few and those few are really weird… Like I now have a tendency to lock doors when I leave rooms and I don’t realize I’m doing it.  The first dozen or so times this happened everyone in my household was mystified as to how door such and such got locked.  Then one night, I was leaving the bathroom in the master bedroom and caught myself pulling the door shut and realized I had locked it behind me.  I didn’t shut it thankfully, but after I realized I had locked the door, I started paying attention and sure enough, I will exit a room and lock the door behind me for some reason.  I also keep losing things in my house.  Not like I have misplaced my car keys, but I will move something and not realize I moved it and then have no clue what I’ve done with it until someone magically finds it someplace weird.

I also feel kinda sorry for my editorThat, as I sometimes think aloud but the when I have on the headset microphone on.

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