When They Can’t Agree

I have now had two rheumatologists tell me that they think I have advanced CRPS.  I’ve also had two doctors tell me it isn’t CRPS that’s causing my pain.  Things like that make me unsure about keeping doctor’s appointments…

I have an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon that prescribed physical therapy this afternoon.  My pain management doctor seemed to hand off my treatment entirely to him.  Which sort of annoys me.  If I thought surgery was the best option, I would have had my primary make me an appointment with a surgeon not a pain management doctor.

To be fair, if surgery would decrease my daily pain even 10%, I’d do it in a heartbeat.  I am less inclined to do physical therapy since moving my hip a bunch makes it go from feeling broken to feeling crushed.  That is an odd pain sensation, just FYI.  You never really think about the different sensations your body creates until they are destroying your life.  Since I was 15 I have felt a crushed bone sensation in my hands and forearms.  I’ve been checked for everything from carpal tunnel syndrome to autoimmune disorders to electrical stimulation tests of my nerves in my arms, hands, legs, and back with no relief or diagnosis.

Now my hip alternates from sharp stabbing pain in what feels like the bone to a “the bone has been crushed” pain the more I use it.  I don’t know if physical therapy will help with that sensation.  It has never helped with it in my arms, lower legs, or hands.

We’ll see what the surgeon says today and go from there.

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