Cure or Kill

I got a hip injection yesterday.  The doctors are either going to cure or kill me.  Yesterday and today, I’m leaning towards kill.  I have the worst headache I have had in years.  It’s a tension migraine.  All the muscles on my right side have tightened up.  My calf thigh, back, shoulders, everything is so tight I can feel them trying to cramp up.

The injection made my pain worse.  I am sore from my waist to just below my knee and I have a stabbing pain in my thigh that I’ve never had before.  It has not relieved the pain in my hip.  It still might, I’m not going to cross it off the list of possibilities.  It can take up to 72 hours for a steroid injection to take effect.  The lidocaine that is supposed to numb the area as well as your immediately dull the pain doesn’t seem to work for me.  But I knew that.  That’s why I don’t have more dental work done.  It takes a ton of lidocaine before they can work on my teeth.  My gums don’t numb very easily either.

When I had to have one of my front teeth pulled the dentist told me while she was injecting more lidocaine that she was about at the max on shots trying to numb me enough to pull it out and if it didn’t work this time, she’d have to use gas on me.

Not so surprisingly, my pain is responding better to the Lyrica than it is the hydrocodone since the injection.  I believe they probably aggravated the nerves when they went through them to get to my hip joint and inject the steroids.  Hopefully, they work.  I hate to think I went through that again for them to not take effect at all.  At least last time they did a hip injection I was mostly pain free for about 4 days.

The pain was so bad in my back yesterday and so high up, I kept waiting for my urine to turn dark.  I thought the universe was playing a joke on me and the kidney stone they said would never move, had moved and was going to try to make an exit yesterday.  It never did and today the pain isn’t up as high nor as bad.  It’s still there, it’s just not passing a kidney stone bad in my back.

Lola curled up next to me in bed last night.  She had her head at my hip.  I think she was protecting the area from Kelly who is not as intuitive about pain as Lola seems to be.  There are times Lola will growl at Kelly for trying to climb into my lap.  But Lola is a protector by nature and she can tell there is something wrong with that hip.  She has started trying to lick it, even when I haven’t just been stabbed with a needle in it.  She’s a great dog.  I hope Kelly grows up to be as good a dog as Lola.  Not just because Lola is intuitive about pain, but because once Lola got out of puppy stage, she became a great dog.  And unless you are trying to give her a bath, she listens great.  She hates baths though.

Oh well.  So my plans for the day have changed.  I was hoping to get more work done today.  But with my pain level as high as it is, I probably won’t get a whole bunch completed.  So I’m taking the day off.  I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do, but it may be that I don’t do a whole lot of anything.

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