How to ruin a perfectly decent night out of town

Husband and I went out of town last night. Not too far from home just far enough to be in another town as a way to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary.

It was going fine until about 4:30 in the morning when I rolled over, heard my hip pop and had pain rock me.

I wasn’t sure if I had broken my hip or dislocated it. I spent a half hour trying to decide if I could get out of bed or if I should wake my husband for the drive back to town so I could go to a hospital.

I never fully fell back asleep after that. I dozed, but it wasn’t restful. Ten hours later, I still haven’t caught up with the pain.

I have no idea what happened. Mostly it made me feel old and dysfunctional. I’m hoping the surgeon can bring my pain down by about 50% by doing surgery to fix the tear.

We will probably not end all my pain with it, as there is something systemic going on. My sympathetic nervous system is responding to stimuli it shouldn’t, like the tear in the cartilage.

If the pain isn’t better after my next dose of pain medication, I may still end up going to an ER before the weekend is out.

We were having a perfectly decent weekend until that moment. What a crappy way to end it.

3 thoughts on “How to ruin a perfectly decent night out of town

  1. Well….I hope your pain medication has kicked in and that you are feeling better…not feeling good is definitely going to put a damper on the anniversary….

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