Progress Is Being Made

I wrote until 3 am yesterday.  I’m not doing that tonight.  I’m actually getting ready for bed now.  Tomorrow my husband and I are going out of town for the night, it’s our first wedding anniversary.  So I probably won’t write much from now until Sunday night.

But I’m roughly half way done with the book.  I’m not sure anything has really happened it yet, which is weird for a D&R book, this one definitely has a little less action in it than usual D&R novels, but there is a lot to cover… Like Xavier’s big side project and Eric and where Patterson has gone and Raphael… It might be that it is requiring more psychological input than normal, despite there usually being quite a bit in a D&R novel.

It’s also a little odd to write.  I don’t have the merry band of men that I usually have for one of these.  They exist, they just exist outside of where Ace is.  They exist mostly in phone calls and references in other words.

Regardless of that, I still think it’s going to be a great book.  According to my word target, I’m a little over half done.  As is normal with a D&R book, I made lots of progress at one point and then deleted several chapters.  Because sometimes Aislinn hijacks the book and I can’t make the plot work any longer when she goes that far off script.

If I can keep it up, I imagine we are looking at a possible April release for Demonic Dreams.  Note I said possible… there’s still a lot of writing and editing to be done.  Did I mention my editor needs a raise?  If not, let me mention it now.  She has been working extra hard for me the last few months helping me keep my head together and wrapped around the concept of what a D&R novel is, because lately it has gotten lost at times.

Good night dear readers.  I hope to talk to several of you on Tuesday.  Stacy – It’s not letting me respond to your messages.  Your shipment did get lost, in my garage.  It appears that while building the shower, it got placed under a box of shower stuff and was discovered earlier this week.  I apologize to everyone, chaos and disaster rule my life (Nadine and I have more things in common than I like to admit).  This goes for everyone else as well.  I am hopeful I can get them all in the mail next week, depending on how the week goes.  I will try to send tracking numbers to everyone when they actually get put in the mail.

One thought on “Progress Is Being Made

  1. Hoping you’re feeling better,either physically or psychologically, as this post sounds so upbeat. A sense of accomplishment can lift the soul when you have been dragged down, as you have with all your pain lately. I am longing to read the book but I would rather read a post where you are sounding better 😊

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