Another Opinion

Well, it’s time for another opinion.  My primary is sending me to Barnes Jewish in St. Louis to see a different rheumatologist.  Until we get it sorted out, I guess I just get to suffer…  I slept 3 hours last night.  I am in too much pain today to get comfortable.

So even though I’m exhausted, I still can’t sleep.  I am in a really really bad mood as a result of lack of sleep and not being able to eat.  Currently, I feel like shit and I hurt so bad I am sitting around crying today.  Called the doctor that prescribed the Tylenol 3, haven’t heard back from them.  Not that I think he will give a flying fuck.

Sent a file to my editor today to be released in case I have a psychotic break from reality from lack of sleep, food, and care.  It has the ending of Demonic Dreams in it… not written out in story form, but stated so that you guys will know what happens to Gabriel, Ace, and the teams.

5 thoughts on “Another Opinion

  1. Many if not most autoimmune disorders are poorly diagnosed and treated. I myself have Lymphocytic Interstitial Lung disease. It took 2 years to diagnose and no immunology treatments ever worked. I am on a plethora of meds to control the coughing and inflammation. Symptoms treated, not fixed. Good luck in your search But know they will help with your symptoms, but not credited anything if it is autoimmune.

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