What About The Other 50 Symptoms?

I was diagnosed with a lumbar labral tear.  Basically a tear in the cartilage.  If you ever go for a contrast MRI of any joint, there is a better than average chance that at least one of your joints currently has a labral tear.  I have one in my left shoulder that was surgically fixed when they had to surgically reattach all the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves in my shoulder because I destroyed it in a fall.  I also have one in each ankle because I am super graceful and one in both knees (see graceful comment).  I have had these tears for a long time.  My knees will start clicking because of it.

So I wasn’t surprised when the doctor told me I had one in my right hip today.  However, my pain level is inconsistent with a labral tear and there are only 3 symptoms of them, if any at all.  Most tears never bother a person, let alone hurt like what I have been experiencing.  Symptoms are according to the Mayo Clinic:

  • A locking, clicking or catching sensation in your hip joint
  • Pain in your hip or groin
  • Stiffness or limited range of motion in your hip joint

Do you see swelling listed?  Or the word severe in front of pain?  What about muscle spasms?  Neuropathic twitches?  Skin hypersensitivity?  I cried when they inserted the needle to push localized contrast dye.  I have never cried because a needle entered my skin before.  I have given myself hundreds of injections and been given at least a few thousand by other people not to mention the Facet and SI Joint injections I go through.  Is the cartilage in my hands, lower legs – shit there isn’t cartilage in your lower legs, only joints get that stuff – all connected?  What about the mottled skin coloration on my hip?

Dr. Wonderful thinks it’s cause solved.  I start physical therapy sometime later this week…  Which should be a blast.  With CRPS a labral tear would probably cause more pain than normal but remember Dr. Wonderful doesn’t think I have CRPS, he thinks I have Old & Fat Disease which seems to be MCTD, which isn’t something I have a lot of symptoms of.

So it’s off to meet with my primary tomorrow because Dr. Wonderful would like to fix the tear surgically instead of wait the 8 weeks of physical therapy required to heal it.

Also Lyrica doesn’t affect labral tears.  However without the Lyrica my pain is a whole lot worse than it is with the Lyrica.  So I still think I have CRPS, other people still think I have CRPS and he only accounted for two of my symptoms.  He completely ignored all the others.  He also ignored me when I told him the home exercises he was having me to do was increasing my muscle spasms to the point where yesterday, my entire leg contracted and it felt like there was a stick of rebar going all the way down my leg.  Oh, he doesn’t approve of Clonazepam, Flexeril, Percocet, or Butalbital.  I take Flexeril for my teeth grinding at night.  I take clonazepam for my severe anxiety disorder because I can’t take any anti-depressants.  I did get a codeine prescription though.  I took a pill 2 hours ago and it feels like I didn’t take anything for the pain in my hip.

So the next 8 weeks should be a good learning experience for me.  I’ve already beat the odds, most people with CRPS especially progressive CRPS like I have commit suicide within the first 10 years and by most I mean 90%+.  However, he was smart enough to lock me in with that codeine prescription… Because I got a Tylenol 3 prescription, I can’t get anything else for 28 days.

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