New Kind of Charity

My mom has decided to take all my old soap, sugar scrub, foot repair cream, bath oil, bath salt recipes and everything else in my old notebook and start a new business.  And because she has a sense of humor it will be called Melina’s All Natural Botanical Bath Stuffs.

Etsy store coming eventually.  She will make the stuff and all the money will go into a fund to help me with treatments for my CRPS, prescriptions, and anything else I might need instead of just hoping people give me money, plus I’ve told her she has to keep 25% for taxes and restocking if she does it.

She looked at my lotion and burn creams but decided those were too complicated.  So today I walked her through buying all the ingredients she needs for everything else.

She discussed naming it after Aislinn’s mom, but Melina is just easier to remember.  I will be sharing the link once she gets set up and running.  As she gets more adept at making stuff – I imagine I will be surpervising her first couple of orders, I’ll help her add in new recipes for burn salves and things.  Start with the easiest stuffs I think.

And Bath Stuffs is not a typo.  She said it sounded Melina-ish and I agree with her.  So that will be its name.

3 thoughts on “New Kind of Charity

    1. I will. I’m hoping she’ll get some customers to help ease her mind. She doesn’t want to take a job outside the house because she never knows when I’m going to be in desperate need of someone. This is what she worked out to help make money. I’m all for it really if she wants to do it. I told her it wasn’t necessary, but she’s a mom and she worries, especially since the shower is already a little over budget even with us doing the work. So I’ll help her as she learns and hold her hand when it needs to be held and the only thing I hope is that it eases her mind a little.


  1. I think that sounds great. Let us know when the products are available on line. Also, saw your book on Book Hub… hope that works for you as well. Time to turn things around!


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