Stuck on Repeat

So my cold may not be as improved as I thought.  I had terrible dreams about fire last night.  I woke up on my back once or twice in a complete sweat, which I would normally attribute to the heated blankets, but they had turned off because they are on a timer.

I’m still exhausted and the thought of opening my social media fills me with a touch of dread as I have let it go so long.  I will open it, just probably not tomorrow.  Maybe the end of the week.

I am ready for January to end.  I have had this cold for most of it now.

One thought on “Stuck on Repeat

  1. I can sympathize. I got what at work we are calling “the crud”, your plague in late December and am still not back to 100%. But i do not have all the complications you do with CRPS.

    All I can say is I hope you can get to a tolerable point soon. Remember you have a fan base out here.


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