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Who said that as a woman when I walked out of my door, I needed to have my hair perfect, makeup on, and my clothes without spots, stains, or wrinkles. Why? For what purpose? What if, what if?? Seriously, I could what if you forever. So many different scenarios to use as examples. If I’m […]

via Says who… — Ms Not So Little Smarty Pants

Consider this lovely reblog my call in for tomorrow.  I’m still tired.  My plague is better, but I still feel like I could sleep for a century.  Why don’t humans hibernate?!

Actually it was 70 yesterday so I had to leave my house to go to the store and things because my husband had a to do list for us.  Thankfully he didn’t wake me up until 11 am, but I could have easily crawled back under the covers and gone back to sleep.

For a short time Friday night Jude and I watched Curious George and George was trying to hibernate.  Like all mammals he managed to sleep overnight.  I envy George.  Even if I fail I wish I had the time to try to hibernate until spring.

And like this blogger, I do good to remember to brush my hair most days.  And I wear an all cotton knit jacket all the time (I have multiples of it in different colors) and you wouldn’t believe the amount of dog hair and my own hair that accumulates in the crochet/knit loops.

This blogger is new, but I’ve been following her since she started and I tend to agree with her.  Check her out in your spare time.

One thought on “Says who… — Ms Not So Little Smarty Pants

  1. Truer words have never been spoken. Oscar Wilde said it best “Be yourself, Everyone else is taken” Screw the judges of the world. I don’t have to be perfect to be me! Lol! (I state as I write this in my pjs, un-showered at 2:30pm!)


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