Did Stuff

I did stuff yesterday.  I wrote for 2 hours or so on a book.  I moderated a chat for Adria Waters within my book club.  I consulted on a Scentsy party my friend is hosting.

My plague is improving, I even stopped in for 3 minutes on the HJ page to answer a question from a reader and give Hope HN a hard time and a giggle, hopefully.

However, I’m continuing to take sick days.  I don’t know how many, more than 1 less than 30 is kinda where I’m at.

I have a feeling I overdid it yesterday, especially since it was 1 am before I went to bed.

Malachi set a new high score on a video game called Be A King, good job Malachi (yes I just play the same video games over and over by using fictional characters – weird but fun).  He also has the most trophies at the moment.

I should feel like myself by the end of next week.  I’m hoping I feel like myself by then, I’m starting to miss interacting with readers and I have shit to do.  As a matter of fact, while being sick my to do list has just kept growing and growing and growing.  Which makes sense since I’m not doing a damn thing right now that is constructive in anyway, but I’m enjoying playing some video games and taking it slow on writing.  Never thought I’d say that.

So yes, I should be back at it eventually.  I’d say soon, but everyone’s definition of soon is so different.  Who knows I may pop back by social media before I’m 100% recovered from plague (which they keep telling me is the super version of the common cold, but I’m still not convinced).

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