Armchair MD

When you have a rare disorder you begin to read up on everything that could have caused it.  For example, I once had measles when I was 7 or 8.  I have no measles immunity despite multiple vaccinations and getting measles.

I also still have plague which will make you a hypochondriac.  So as I was researching measles yesterday or the day before?  Good grief what is today?  Friday?  Tuesday?  I don’t know.  I ate a Peruvian Hot Cherry Pepper tonight, now my voice sounds better, but there is more sinus drainage than Niagra Falls going on in this body.

Which might be why I had a stomach ache the other night.  One night before tonight, as I sit typing this with plague and forgetting what the Hell I am talking about…  And the problem is that it is draining inside, not outside.  I should be using boxes of Kleenexes by the case, but I’m not.  I’ve used one all day, maybe two… Kleenexes, not boxes of them.

So measles.  I was checking to see if having Measles as a child might have made me more susceptible to CRPS, because you know, it’s the 21st century, right?  Yes.  So, not everyone and their brother gets measles anymore, although if your a kid and live at home and your brother gets measles, you probably will too regardless of vaccination status, just ask my sister.  Her and I had the pleasure of having different strains of measles at the exact same time… What the hell?  That seems like a freak thing to happen in the 1980s regardless.

Measles, right… but having measles does make you more susceptible to plague, I mean the common cold, Rhinovirus.  In some patients with measles, researchers discovered that their ability to make antibodies for one of the most common types of viruses on the planet was inhabited after they had measles, for their entire life.  I think I need to go join that research group, as a patient, since Rhinovirus is like having plague and lasts for centuries or some nonsense once I get it.

Okay, I’m taking tomorrow off again… consider this my call in for tomorrow morning.  Oh, I’ll just set it to post tomorrow morning and we can consider it my call in.  So everything happened tonight, whatever night that is… I’m still sick and not coming to work tomorrow.

Holly, Tracy(?), Susannah(?), Darlene, and whoever else I’m supposed to mail things to, I will get to it as soon as this crap passes.  I have a list somewhere so if I die, it should all get mailed anyway.

Everyone kind of enough to message and comment, thank you.  I will check it when I don’t feel like a steam train ran over my head.  Hopefully by the end of weekend and yes, I do still have books available, I don’t know what they are off the top of my head because I’m not sure I could find the top of my head.  Wasn’t this post about measles?  Did I talk about measles and the common cold?  Oh good, I did.  I read through it.  I need to take some medicine and go to bed or something.  Yes, this is my brain on a cold without medication.  Imagine what it would be like medicated… zzzzzzzzzzz… that’s right, I’d be snoring because I’d be able to sleep…

Ok, setting this for the morning so everyone knows I’m taking another sick day, possibly two.  Who on earth misses two weeks of work because of a freaking cold?  Me I guess and I work from home.  Oh wait, I forgot, this is Super Rhinovirus it aspires to be Flu and just wasn’t made from the right stuff… like so many of us.

I aspire to be HP Lovecraft.  But I fail miserably.  I’m not nearly as scary as he was in his short stories.  Rats is one of the few things to ever trigger nightmares and might be why I’m afraid of them.  Rats and topiary, this is why I need anxiety medicine.  Who is afraid of topiary?  Thanks Mr. King for that weird phobia.

Did I write about measles and my sister?  In 1988, my sister was 17 or maybe 18 and she came to stay with us because she got measles and then I got measles, but we had different kinds of measles.  How insane is that?  The MMRs given in 1970-something were bad so a lot of people got measles, mumps, and rubella even though they’d been vaccinated – I wasn’t vaccinated with that batch, I wasn’t even thought of in 1970-something.  I just don’t have immunity, even after 9 MMRs, I still have no measles immunity, it’s nuts.  I don’t remember much from it, like my sister also being sick.  I only remember she was sick because I had to sleep in my mom’s bed because she slept in mine and my mom had a bucket on the floor between her bed and the wall.  I only remember throwing up in the bucket.  I don’t remember getting out of bed for any reason, including visiting a doctor, but I’m sure I did.  Or eating or going to the bathroom or drinking anything, but I’m sure I did those things too.  So, I won’t be writing any in-depth stories regarding my time with measles.  I think I was unconscious for most of it.

So yes, consider this my call in notice for the day.  I’m still sick and I don’t know if I’ll be better tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll eat another cherry pepper or something to see if that cures me.

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