The Common Cold: Rhinovirus

I learned something from my doctor this year, the Rhinovirus, which causes the common cold is much worse than normal. It is lasting up to 21 days and mimicking Influenza symptoms which is why I feel like I probably have Plague. Luckily it isn’t Y. Pestiis responsible for my feeling like crap and it’s not a sinus infection… it is a plain old Rhinovirus.

So perhaps this year, we should avoid people with the common cold like they are carrying Y. pestiis bacteria.

6 thoughts on “The Common Cold: Rhinovirus

      1. Psh. Take your time! Most people take a page out of my prior recommendation and avoid people… but are NEVER far from their social media, Lol! The 8 million people can wait another day! It’ll just heighten the suspense of your answers!

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