Probabaly Not Plague

So I probably have a sinus infection. I go at 2:30 to get my cold re-evaluated. And everyone cross your fingers toes, and pray to whatever higher power you believe in that since my primary has changed my specialist, he is willing to do an early 1-time refill of my pain meds – I took my last one this morning because having a cold is no different than being in crisis. And that he is willing to do a 1-time refill of my Lyrica. He prefers to let the specialists handle these things, but since I am out of pain meds now, because contrary to what pain management wants 1-2 pills a day does nothing to help my pain so I end up taking 3-4 pills a day. And they don’t give me Lyrica refills even though they could.

And that they do something about my Plague.

4 thoughts on “Probabaly Not Plague

  1. Hi, sad to say with these invisible disorders any change to the status quo will kick up your pain sorry you’re finding it out the hard way hope you feel better soon hope you get a good crew of doctors on board soon that’s the best thing that can happen for you right now is that you get a decent group of doctors I’m praying that that happens that you get a decent group of doctors that can help you get it at least this under control

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    1. New doctor starts February 2nd and I learned 2 new terms non-functioning chronic pain patient and functioning chronic pain patient. At the moment, I am the first but I’m hoping to become the second on that list since this guy and his team specializes in CRPS.

      The good news is I don’t have Plague just a cold and CRPS.


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