Cold or Plague

I’m beginning to think I have plague.  Not because I have a lot of symptoms of plague, but because I’m wrapping up day 8 of this cold.  Mostly, it’s a sore throat, a terrible sinus headache that makes me want to pluck my eyes out and because I have bad teeth and my sinuses sit low in my face, my teeth hurt – I wouldn’t mind removing all of them with pliers either.  They could go into a jar next to my eyes.

My sinuses drain constantly which is why my throat hurts as bad as it does.

I thought I was going to get a touch of something worse there for two days when I ran a fever a few times.  It never got above 101.3, but at least if it had been a consistent fever, I’d have something other than a cold – something that could be treated with more than NyQuil.

At night, I get a bit of a cough.  Nothing bad, just enough to let me know it’s there.

I’ve been sleeping covered in Lidocaine patches… like a lidocaine mummy trying to keep the pain down in my hip and spine.  It hasn’t been working.  Pretty sure I can overdose on lidocaine patches, but so far so good there.  I have no idea what that would take, but since they have very explicit instructions about how to use them, 12 hours on, 12 hours off… it seems like the run an overdose risk.  Maybe I should have someone read the directions and precautions section on them.  Hm, think I’m still wearing the ones I put on last night… well that’s not good.

Still avoiding social media.  Still have books.  Still have things to ship.  My apologies to everyone.  I didn’t realize I was going to get the Resident Evil version of a cold.  Or that getting a cold would make my pain worse.

4 thoughts on “Cold or Plague

  1. As a child, Mom would say ‘you have IT ” when questioned her reply would be well First you think IT will Kill You, Then you become really afraid IT won’t…
    Having survived many IT attacks in my life hate to say it. but I think you fall in the unlucky second class IT sufferers and will survive IT this time…
    Hot Honey Tea, and a towel tented over the head breathing in from bowl or sink hot Lemon or Peppermint leaves are basically the home remedies I can pres ribe.. Hope you feel better soon..

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  2. For your sinus situation I recommend a bowl of hot water with several drops of eucalyptus oil and a towel over your head so you can breathe it in – really works well and will help you breathe. You’ll have to survive the rest the hard way – sorry about that.

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  3. I like to use a rice filled heating pad for sinus pain or ear aches…the heat seems to speed up the drainage and I always find it soothing…hope you feel better soon.


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