Feed A Cold

This cold is leaving me starving, but I’m using the old motto of Feed A Cold, Starve A Fever…

Tonight I fed it lots of peppers, garlic, and onion. Unfortunately, they were sweet peppers not hot peppers, but a pepper is a pepper, to some degree. Took a 5 hour afternoon nap after sleeping 12 hours last night.

Tomorrow I’m going to make some tacos with leftover roast and hot peppers and feed it that.

If I wasn’t on Lyrica I’d be trying shots of whiskey at this point, because sleeping this much and having CRPS in the hips and possibly the spine is torturous. I hurt so much from sleeping that I am staggering cold medicine and Vicodin.

My ears have drained enough fluid and crap that it has actually started to drain out of my ears while I sleep. I cannot keep them clean at this point.

I feel my body violated the No-Pain peach treaty we had agreed upon – I wouldn’t overdo it and it wouldn’t make me want to chop off body parts. I was holding up my end. Seems that by failing to make little cold antibodies it violated the No-Pain treaty because it let me get a cold that does nothing but make me hurt. Asshole body.

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