Rookie Mistake

So, I apparently paid a little more for beeswax than I intended because I wasn’t looking closely at the label and it’s marked as organic beeswax.

Do not buy organic beeswax, it’s a sham. Just like there’s no such thing as organic honey. Unless your hive is totally isolated in a greenhouse and you can absolutely 100% control where your bees go, you can’t get organic beeswax or honey.

The only thing you can say is that it is chemical free meaning you don’t use chemicals in the care and maintenance of your hive.

I do still have some books available for sale. I am still avoiding the computer like it gave me plague because the light from it makes me feel like my head is going to explode. Sadly this means nothing has shipped and I’m not using Facebook for anything.

Blog posts are being brought to you by my phone, where all I have to do is speak a little louder than a whisper for it to understand my scratchy sounding voice. Siri doesn’t seem to mind that I sound like I have been munching on glass shards, but Cortana for all her good intentions keeps asking me to repeat myself.

I am hoping to be better in a day or two because I need to make a muscle salve – hence the “organic” beeswax – for a friend.

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