QI & The Bestie

My best friend discovered the joys of QI tonight, which normally would have been freakin’ awesome.  Tonight, I couldn’t have cared less.  I kept dropping hints that I was sick.  I ran a fever for the first time with my cold tonight.  I literally could not get warm.  It wasn’t high, 101.3 just enough to be considered a fever.

But she finally fell in love with QI so I didn’t want to be like “I am sick as fuck and would you please stop texting me so I can go to bed… like now?”

I have spent years of my life telling her how amazing the show is…  So of course she falls in love with it on the day I run a fever and feel like I’ve been beaten up and left for dead by the side of  the road.

That is the way the universe works.  Pretty sure I’m channeling my inner Nadine there, but the irony isn’t lost on me.  If it had been last week, I would have called her and we could have had a 4 hour conversation about how great the show was.  Tonight I was struggling to keep up with texts.

I finally tucked my tablet into bed and went and ate some supper and then watched part of a TV show because the night I run a fever, my husband decides to start doing the demolition part of the bathroom remodel.  Now, I’m just killing time until I can take another dose of tylenol to help with my fever and go to bed… where I might finally get freakin’ warm.

And yes, my tablet really is all tucked into the covers.  I figured if I couldn’t be snuggled down into them, something of mine should be, that way I could be there in spirit.

Plus I’m finding if I go to bed at around 7-8 pm, I’m awake at 5 am, which is just awful.  However, if I wait until 11:00ish, I’m sleeping until 10 or so.  I don’t know why I only get 9 hours of sleep if I go to bed a little earlier, but nearly 11 hours if I stay up until a little later.  Then I nap for the majority of the day.

Maybe next week I will make a return to Facebook and Twitter and my life will regain something that doesn’t involve feeling like plague would be better.

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