Hope On the Horizon

I have a horrible cold.  But I also had an appointment with my primary care physician today who told me my pain management was a joke and that I should have some quality of life beyond the 2 or so hours that the vicodin gives me.

He referred me to a new specialist, this one only deals with patients with CRPS.  He also thinks the 60 – 5mg Vicodin I get in a month is ridiculously low because according to the research, opiates is really the only way to treat the residual pain from CRPS.  Especially since I have advanced CRPS.  The injections pain management kept offering but didn’t give me only work for a very short period of time and can wear off without warning.

For the first time since June, I have hope.  I am just waiting on them to call me with my first appointment.  I am excited, relieved, and happy… even though I still feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, particularly since all I want to do is sleep and sleeping is making my pain worse.

Aside from it being in my hips, lower legs, hands, and feet, I also think it has settled into my lumbar spine region and all this lying in bed is making me hurt like mad, but I’m sick so staying awake sucks too.  He told me I couldn’t mix NyQuil and Vicodin, which is kinda sad… But he doesn’t think I’m crazy and he said he would fight for me if my Nurse Practitioner marked me as doctor shopping for changing specialists.

He also said if this new guy didn’t give me some quality of life at least to work, he would refer me to a specialist in St. Louis.  The closest big city near me.  So I will one way or another get some parts of my life back.

I don’t expect to get all of it back, but a little bit would be great.  Like I don’t expect to be able to play darts again, but I would like to be able to work and maybe, just maybe socialize a little bit without the pain becoming overwhelming.

I wish I had gone to him in October when I got the diagnosis and so does he.  He thinks I’d be better off, but I was going to a pain management clinic, I thought that was what I was supposed to be doing… turns out it wasn’t enough and with the war on opiates right now, it definitely wasn’t going to get me quality of life back.

Okay, returning to bed.

5 thoughts on “Hope On the Horizon

  1. Sorry you have a cold , but so happy you finally are getting results. Good luck and feel better. I need to read another one of your books .I can’t wait lol

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  2. It is wonderful that you have a pcp who is in your corner. I know from a couple decades with crohns that a good pcp who trusts you, believes you, and knows you can go a long way to make up for the reactionary docs who jump to the “drug seeker” label … or er staff who dismiss you as a frequent flier. It is hard enough to face each day in pain without all the crap that comes with it. The opiate epidemic (and I don’t dismiss the many struggles with opiate addiction) is an enormous hardship for everyone with chronic pain.


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