Before You Call The Plumber

Most people don’t realize that drains run slow because of biological buildup, same for toilets and kitchen sinks, unless you have a tree next to your exit plumbing.

Skip the Drano and the Liquid Plumber. Go to the hardware store and ask for a sulfuric acid drain cleaner.

Sulfuric Acid drain cleaner isn’t any pricier than Drano or Liquid Plumber And works on different principles. Sulfuric Acid will dispose of a body, it will get rid of hair clogs food clogs, even waste product clogs and it’s safe to run through copper or PVC piping.

It does not smell good and it is sulfuric Acid which means it will burn skin. I recommend those heavy duty kitchen gloves and eye protection. You might hear some fixing and popping and see a little smoke with it, but if you do, that just means it is working.

When I was renting a studio apartment, my neighbor flushed a dead mouse, because that’s the smartest way to dispose of dead rodents I suppose. It blocked up the plumping in both apartments. I shed like a Saint Bernard, so I’m kinda used to slow drains, but this was every drain and I am not in the habit of washing my hair at the kitchen sink. I didn’t know a dead mouse was trapped in the line when I poured it into the drains, but it only took about 3 minutes to get me knocking on the neighbor’s door.

The smell and smoke coming from my drain made me wonder if we had a Dahmer situation on our hands. Thankfully we didn’t. I poured some down her drains and within five minutes everything was running nice and smooth again.

Saved my dad from having to pay a plumber to come out and lecture the neighbor about flushing dead rodents… because he would have known it wasn’t me. I would have made him come remove any mouse trap with a dead rodent in it or any dead rodent found not in a mouse trap and I probably would have started a dumpster fire to ensure it was well and truly dead.

just an FYI it will take the finish off porcelain so don’t let it sit in a porcelain tub for very long… and water doesn’t neutralize it very well so make sure you have baking soda in hand in case you do have a bath tub full of it. And normally a little bit will go a long way. Unless you have been flushing body parts at which point, good luck, because sulfuric Acid is a monitored product if you buy more than a gallon or so at the hardware store.

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