Revelations 22:22

Even has a cocktail suggestion I would love to try!

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tortured dreams

4.5 out of 5 Stars

“Revelations 22:22 And mankind came unto the Lord and begged his forgiveness. And the Lord heard them. He sent forth a Defender of Mankind. And then mankind began to question the Defender and went back unto the Lord and asked ‘why have you sent him. He is evil, we dream of him,” And the Lord said to them ‘he is wicked, defending mankind is his punishment.’ And mankind said ‘take this evil thing from us. He cannot help us.’ And the Lord said ‘Nothing can help you.'” 

There is no Revelations 22:22. Revelations ends with chapter 22, verse 21. Making your own bible passage is a bit off. Making is sound authentic is creepy.”

“People love a good horror story, especially when it is real. I have a Ph.D in History. I wrote my thesis on the evolution of torture as a crime deterrent…

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