I Don’t Understand The Rules

At my December appointment, my nurse practitioner scolded me for over reacting and going to the ER when I slipped down my stairs calling me to have what is known as a crisis.

Two weeks ago, I raked dog poop out of my yard for about 15 minutes and my hand swelled up and became unbearable. I called my nurse practitioner and left a message because I obviously hadn’t broken my hand using a rake, meaning I was once again in a crisis.

A crisis is a pain flare up of CRPS brought on by overworking an affected limb or by an injury.

Several times, I considered taking a hammer to my hand because it would hurt less. Instead, I did the responsible thing and took my Vicodin. That’s what it’s there for and since I had already been scolded for over reacting to a crisis and going to the ER, that wasn’t high on the list of things I wanted to do.

So I suffered all weekend with the pain that the Vicodin was barely making comfortable.

First thing, Monday morning, I left another message for my nurse practitioner. Then again Tuesday morning. By Tuesday afternoon, the pain in my hand had caused me to consume more than half this month’s Vicodin prescription and I still hadn’t heard from her.

So relinquishing myself to the fact that she was going to have harsh words for me in January, I went to the ER. They didn’t do X-rays and said yes, it was just a crisis caused by raking…

But the only reason I broke down and decided to suffer the consequences was because I was worried the swelling in my hand, which wouldn’t allow my fingers to fit properly on my keyboard would become permanent.

I was prescribed some NSAID cream and given a shot to break the crisis event pain cycle. My provider at the ER told me to call my nurse practitioner and get an early refill, since I had only delayed coming in because I was waiting to hear from her about what I should do.

The following morning, I called and asked. Then I begged. She told me no, I had used my prescription this month irresponsibly. She also said she hadn’t called me back because she wanted me to go to the ER.

Okay, what? I used more than half my Vicodin prescription for the month because you couldn’t take 3 minutes to call me and tell me in this instance I should go to the ER and now I have to try to survive the holidays and write books in serious pain?

I am so confused about the rules. My hand still hurts too much to type, but there’s little I can do about that. I started trying to use Voice-to-text to finish writing The Dysfunctional Mob, but that comes with complications.

At this point I’m starting to think I need to up my anxiety meds because I am wondering if I am paranoid or if I’m correct in thinking my nurse practitioner is intentionally being unhelpful.

For instance, ai got NSAID cream from the ER. She said that my doctor wouldn’t be able to refill the cream later or fill my request for lidocaine patches. The over the counter do not help nearly as well as the prescription ones.

So I am using my Vicodin irresponsibly, but my doctor can’t prescribe me an assistant medications that aren’t narcotics? Yep, totally confused. I’m used to my doctors being surprised that I am open to all forms of treatment, not denying me proven treatment methods.

Yep, totally confused and totally paying for it this month. I have made an appointment to talk to my PCP about other pain management doctors, which is sad, because I love my doctor, but I feel like there is something off about his nurse practitioner in relation to my case.

11 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand The Rules

  1. Can you request to only see the dr at the pain management clinic? Let the dr know the issues with the crnp and he/she may be ok with taking you on without going through the crnp.

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  2. This may sound stupid, but I would call the primary physician at that practice and complain. They need to know that patients are being ignored! And there’s no way the PA can try to justify that. She was flat out ignoring you and that is unethical and ridiculous! The physician(s) at the practice are ultimately responsible for the PA’s actions. I would think that ignoring patients (especially ignoring them when the PA thinks it is SERIOUS enough for the patient to GO TO THE ER!) could be considered malpractice. Bring this to their attention and that PA will think twice before ignoring you again. No one wants to threaten lawsuit/malpractice, but what she did was quite serious.

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  3. Talk to the DOCTOR you have a re;relationship with, tell him that YOU CAN NOT READ HIS NP’s MIND…That there has to be some communication back and forth so you do not get into this situation..Explain had she simply had a receptionist call and say go to the ER you would not have taken a dangerously high amt of pain meds,

    There is a med but you have to be opiod free 15 days unless the Doctor and you agree to try it.. Now this does NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE and I don’t tell people to take it because it is a non traditional more homeopathic route.. being a former nurse who bends over backwards to avoid meds that can cause reactions..

    Ask about Low Dose Nalaxatone sp may be a shade off but LDN is something you can google.. IT SITS on the opiod receptors making your body think it’s got an opiod in there… You may need to start it when you are in a minor narcotic point because being without fully half a month will drive you to the hammer … but maybe it can be taken with a lower vicoden use time and be careful to bubble wrap yourself..

    I am attempting to wean off my drugs to start attempting it for my MS because percocet and MORPHINE are more drugs then I want available… if you had read about how close I came to being a family annihilator, that once a plan is fully set in the broken mind that death is what you feel is your only out, and have it rooted then you never fully let that option go in the back of your mind it is always a I DON’T NEED IT TODAY… UNDERSTAND I HAVE LIVED 28 YRS OF I DON’T NEED IT TODAY.. so I know how hard it really is..and being a nurse-emt believe me I know how to kill myself, my family… WHAT STOPPED ME …A DOG GOD HAD PUT IN MY LIFE…so while Disney says All dogs go to heaven I was saved by one sent from heaven.. and even when the attorney hasn’t done a single thing on my dad’s probate and just happened to tell sibling brother and I didn’t check emails so I didn’t know he’d sold me out and quit the case.. I am still desperately trying to find a way to not allow bro to win everything by default..I can still say not today… but my god it’s hard… very very hard

    Hard time of the year for a lot of folks… Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255). A simple copy and paste might save someone’s life.


  4. I try not to be mean and stuff but plainly said your nurse practioner is a bi**h and should be reported. It is not your job to be a mind reader nor is it her job to “scold” you as if you are a recalcitrant child determine to jump off a cliff. She is the kind of nurse practitioner that makes it difficult for others in her field to get respect from both patients and doctors. We have got to do something about the lack of actual “caring” taking place in American medicine.

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  5. Sounds like time to get another medical person. To scold you for going to the ER, then not respond because she wanted you to go to the ER, but would not tell you that is not professional. She’s putting you in a no win situation.


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  6. Why not? Why can you not see the actual MD if you don’t feel comfortable with his ANP? It is your choice after all, right? Is it an insurance thing?

    Was the previous visit the first time you’ve seen her? Since she has not been clear, call her on it. Ask her to put, in writing and for future reference, the specific point where you should go to the ER. Especially if she is incapable of returning a call (which you should report to the MD because, as previously said, it is his license on the line too). This isn’t a guessing game and you are the patient; not the caretaker.

    My opinion, if it happens again and she doesn’t respond, don’t wait to go to the ER. Go and make it very clear (and documented) that you are there because she didn’t call you back and you didn’t know what to do. I know that sounds petty but there is no damn excuse for not taking care of your patient as THAT IS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF YOUR JOB. If the reason is clearly documented in your chart, you may not have insurance coverage issues later on too.

    My mom is an ANP and I see several ANPs for my own issues and I guaran-damn-tee if there was a problem, I would opt to see the MD. You are your own advocate. People may be there to help but only you understand the true depths and limitations of your situations – your 5 could be my 11.

    Please know you are an incredibly brave and strong woman. You have found in yourself the strength to pull the pieces back together even though you’ve been out of glue for a long time. Best wishes and Merry Christmas Hadena. And please stay safe!

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