Things You Probably Didn’t Know About World War II

I started college getting a chemistry degree and moved to history, which lead to a German and a Russian degree.  I got those because my history classes were so interesting in regards to Germany and the Soviet Union during WWI and WWII.

  • Outside of Western Europe, Japan was the biggest ally of the Jews during WWII, despite being allied with Nazi Germany.  Japan actually paid for Jews to come to Japan and start their lives over.  They even had forgers, spies, and conspirators to help get Jews out of any European country Hitler set his sights on.
  • In Europe, Mosques played a integral role in saving the lives of many fleeing Jews by forging passports for them stating they were Muslim.  The Paris Mosque even had a documents forger in house all the time.  When the Germans invaded France, the Paris Mosque’s forger said he would commit suicide before telling any information about anyone he had forged papers for.
  • Russia was very anti-semitic during WWII, Stalin specifically.  He almost allied with Germany instead of the Allies but decided he didn’t trust Hitler not to invade Russia, even if they were supposedly allies… Good call.
  • The Soviet Union lost more people during WWII than any other nation.It has been estimated that nearly 70% of the male population of the Soviet Union died during WWII.  It’s hard to know for sure because Stalin was such an awesome guy.
  • Most Germans were not Nazis, they just didn’t know how to fight the Nazi party.  And many city officials only took the jobs because their families were threatened.
  • There were more assassinations attempts on Hitler than any other world leader ever.  However, Himmler was the most feared person in the Nazi party by the Allied Powers and so, any plots to assassinate Hitler also included Himmler because the Allied powers were worried if Hitler died, Himmler would become Fuhrer and he was crazier.  For the record, he was.
  • Soldiers who survived the Battle of the Bulge were often treated for shell shock not because of the number of dead, but because almost all sides involved suffered an outbreak of Typhus a disease known to cause uncontrollable diarrhea.    Generals actually tried to negotiate a temporary truce because of it, while their soldiers recovered.  It was scrapped because neither side trusted the other not to take up arms during the truce.
  • In a strange act of historical preservation, during the final days of WWII, the SS was sent to destroy a castle in Austria where the Nazis had been storing pilfered goods and it was very historically important.  Divisions of the Nazi Army teamed up with Allied divisions to defend the castle from destruction by the SS.  Hitler ordered that every member of those divisions should be punished by death, but the Allies descended on Berlin before that punishment could be doled out.
  • Roosevelt was concerned about his safety during WWII.  Unfortunately, the presidential allowance did not allow him to buy or build a bulletproof car, so he borrowed Al Capone’s limo from the US Treasury department.
  • The US Firebombed Tokyo in an attempt to get the Japanese to surrender.  It wasn’t until a month later that the operation to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was green lit.
  • WWII has not ended between Japan and Russia, despite the fall of the Soviet Union because of an island.
  • Both US Presidents that served during WWII (Roosevelt and Truman) disliked Stalin just as much as they disliked Hitler.
  • Himmler’s Final Solution to the Jewish Problem in Germany was not exactly an original idea.  It wa thought up by the Russian nobility and given to Tsar Nicholas II, but their solution was to relocate Jews, not kill them in concentration camps.  In a twist of irony, the solution presented to Nikolas became a reality when the Allied Powers began moving Jews out of Europe and into Israel.
  • More women were awarded medals during WWII in the Soviet Union than men, possibly because of the steeply declining male population.

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  1. Mike Tyson, claims Clinton most prolific serial killer… Sad but seems to fit a lot of politicians and World leaders….Stalin hat least didn’t hide it much..

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