K. Smith Proofs

Tonight, I got several things from my editor K. Smith Proofs.  One was the rework of Flawless Dreams, however because I’m an idiot and used a rake, I’m still not working.  Hoping to be able to beg my way into a doctor’s appointment today.

One of the things she did send me though was my new The Dysfunctional Chronicles Bible.  A series bible, which is what this is, is a document that helps the reader keep everything straight, names of characters, relationships, important events, that happened in previous books, etc.

It’s a new service she is offering and I am taking her up on it because both my Dysfunctional Chronicles Bible and Dreams & Reality Bibles went the way of the dodo, which is why I can never remember Donnelly Clachan’s name or the name of Aislinn’s mother or so many other things, like Nadine is hard on electronics…

A series Bible is a must for any author writing a series or in my case, multiple series.  When I scare her less, I’m going to ask her to tackle The Brenna Strachan books in both editing and a bible.  However, the main character is a demon and I haven’t discussed how she feels about that yet.  And since a lot of people take issue with a Catholic Demon, I feel we need to have a conversation about it first and I need money to pay her as well.  She can’t work for free forever, although that would make my book production costs much cheaper.

She does all sorts of books, I know a prolific Indie romance writer uses her, but I can’t remember which one.  I met her because we were in a book club together, go figure… a woman with editing skills and a writer in a book club together, sounds like the start of a bad joke.  I seem to have gotten lost.  Oh, so here’s the inside of a writer’s head:  Nadine is going to do that, now is Nikolai a cousin or an uncle or a cousin, nope an uncle, nope a cousin, maybe he is an Uncle, what’s his kid’s name?  Oh, is that named spelled correctly?  I don’t think it is.  I introduced Nikolai in book 4 or book 3 or book 5 maybe or have I not introduced him yet?  I know I introduced his son, but I still don’t know if I’m spelling it right or not.  Oh what was the bad guy’s name in book one?  Boris?  Bruno?  Go check the damn book, nope takes too long.  I’ll ask my editor, she’ll probably remember… except that was 7 books ago and she doesn’t or in my case she does because she’s good with that stuff, but… that’s why she decided to start making book bibles.

And yes, writer’s really do think like that and ask those questions and forget names and relationships of minor characters or stories that have already been told as background for minor characters and then screw them up four books later.  Which is why Series Bibles exist.  However, creating one sucks.  I hate doing them because I would rather just write.  However, if I have to stop to go hunting through my books for the villain from book 4 while working on book 8, that is not an effective use of my writing time.

Thankfully, K. Smith proofs has decided to branch out into making book bibles.  This does require her to read the books and catalog everything, which is time consuming, but you get what you pay for, which is why I haven’t been happy with previous book bible services I’ve tested and like I said, I hate creating them myself, it seems like an ineffective use of my time.  I think she is very reasonable.  And I think any writer with a series could benefit from her Book Bible creation service.  Here’s just a quick glance at what she did for The Dysfunctional Chronicles.  It’s basically Nadine’s profile which made me realize I might have screwed something else up and I’m going to have to beg her to check it out…

  • Nadine Duscha Seanevna Daniels—small stature, only has a 5-foot 2-inch frame; wears a size six; in her thirties (32 during Dysfunctional Proposal); the only girl of 5 kids; middle child; extremely curious, hates when people allude to things and don’t say what it is; she owns six Great Danes that are inside dogs; extremely hard on gizmos, gadgets, and electronics; goes through microwaves, tvs, ect. like most people go through underwear; extremely unlucky; she’s been shot, beaten, stabbed, attacked by a tiger, and hit by a car; someone even carved a word on her chest once; difficult patient; married Zeke because she was force into it by Melina…they weren’t even dating; family has been members of the KGB, Spetznaz, and the new Russian police; Russian mob doesn’t like her family very much; saved from a car bomb by the pearls that don’t go around the neck; scared of armadillos; has a thing about ground up meats, won’t even eat hamburger; as of Dysfunctional Wedding she has basically been retired from her firm because she keeps getting sent weird poisons in the mail and they can’t figure out who is behind it; currently helping Alex at Alex’s private detective agency; has a weakness for Tex-Mex; most recent injury was having nail wraps melted to her fingernails causing her to have to get her fingernails removed; as of right now Alex and Sebastian, Kenzie and Anthony, and Melina are all living with Zeke and herself, everyone’s house’s have been either bombed or burnt down in various incidents

  • Mr. Hit and Run—<K Smith Moniker> for the guy who occasionally tries to run over Nadine; he has tried several times without success over the last four years; his identity is unknown; the car he uses is always stolen; always chooses a time when Nadine is alone and not in a crowd; came close once catching Nadine in the thigh and tossing her back several feet

What K. Smith doesn’t know is that Mr. Hit and Run was part of a much larger plot that existed before The Dysfunctional Affair was chopped into a novella due to complaints by readers that it got draggy, confusing, and boring towards the middle and that over half of them were jumping to the end just to say they finished it.  Eventually, he will make a return.  His identity was never revealed, but his motives were.  Should be fun to bring him back and I love that she named him Mr. Hit and Run.  I immediately knew who she was talking about without reading the description.

She’s exposed a few of the inconsistencies that exist within the series because of book one being chopped from a novel to a novella and my intention to never create sequels… of which there are several.  But the nice thing is I can rewrite those and remove them.  And with the Bible, I know what they are and where they exist, so that makes my life easier.  I completely recommend this service to all writers I know that write series, because even on the best days we can miss things and sometimes minor things can become big problems.  Like there was a plot line for a later book involving Alex’s father in the Dysfunctional Chronicles which is one of the inconsistencies K. Smith found for me… I have two different stories going on there about who he is or isn’t.  Just like I have two stories about her mother going on.

Even if you have a book bible, hire K. Smith to go over it for you.  She’s great at noticing things most people don’t.  She’ll be able to tell you if your continuity is spot on or not.  Even with the Strachan Series, where I do have a series bible, I’m sure I have mixed things up just a little bit here and there because I focus on writing more than making sure everything is correct all the time with things that happened two books ago.  She does a great job and is affordable, which makes her service that much more appealing.  The Bible I have now for the Strachan Novels was created by a book bible creator, I hate making them.  However, I paid a whole lot more for it than I did for either D&R or Dysfunctional Chronicles and it doesn’t have near the detail or the information that I got from K. Smith.  She’s still working on my D&R Book Bible, but I have no doubt that it will be amazing when I get it.

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