Seminole Heights Random Shooter Serial Killer

Some would argue that today’s youth are getting dumber, possibly with every breathe.  I tend to take a more optimistic view of today’s youth.  Not a hugely more optimistic view, but somewhat more optimistic and then I read the news.

There has been a random shooter serial killer in Florida for most of the last 2 months.  I saw a few days ago that they had arrested someone, but I hadn’t read the why or how they arrested him until last night.

Howell Donaldson III, 24, had no priors and there wasn’t much evidence for the police to go on, so imagine their surprise when a person in a McDonald’s walked up to them and handed them a bag with a gun in it that turned out to belong to Howell Donaldson III and also matched ballistics of the serial shooter.

He had given the bag to a coworker to hold, but the coworker decided to look inside of it because they said they had a bad feeling about holding onto it for Howell.  One of those moments when listening to your gut instinct was a good idea kinda things.

Donaldson isn’t the first serial killer to be arrested as a result of bad judgment.  The most famous case of bad judgment is Dennis Rader, also known as BTK who believed the police when he asked if they could trace a location it had been used at if he sent them a floppy disk.  They told him now when they could in fact do that very thing and Word was even nice enough to imprint the file on the floppy disk with his name because he was logged into Windows with his username.  Bundy was pulled over for looking suspicious while driving around a neighborhood in the wee hours of the morning and found with burglary tools in his car.

So, it’s not surprising in today’s world that a serial killer would have someone hold the exact gun he was using in his killings, except that it sorta is.  It isn’t like he asked his best friend.  He asked a coworker.  That makes one scratch their heads a little bit.

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