Stay Out of my Uterus

I did not invite President Trump into my uterus.  As a matter of fact, I have never invited a politician into my uterus, because I believe my right to access birth control should not be a government issue.

Holy shit, they will pay for viagra, but they want to cut the liability to health insurance carriers to allow access to birth control.  Are you kidding me?

So it’s fine for men to have sex, but it is not fine for me to use birth control, despite needing it for medical reasons and because my husband and I do not want children.  Are you fucking serious?

I have a rare condition that makes pregnancy dangerous to me.  My blood thickens when certain hormones are introduced.  My doctors believe it is the result of the MTHFR mutation.  So paying for my birth control is a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for me accidentally getting pregnant because I don’t have access to my Depo-Provera and paying all the ER bills from the Ovarian cysts that will rupture or paying for the multitude of blood work I need every time I have my period.

And if fetus and I both survive, well, welcome to one more person on Medicare.  I do not make the enzymes that process folic acid.  It isn’t a big deal because I am not forming a person in my body, but if I was, well that isn’t pretty.  Lack of folic acid leads to fetal development issues.  I’m talking about babies born with partial skulls and their spines on the outside of their bodies.  There is a reason they put pregnant women on prenatal vitamins, but when you can’t process the folic acid from them, they don’t work.  I currently take a prescription prenatal vitamin because it does not require me to have the enzymes to process the folic acid in it.  But I still only get about 1/4 of the daily recommended dose of folic acid as a result.  So any child I give birth to, if I don’t die in the process would face severe physical and mental difficulties and possible deformities.

It isn’t just a matter of I shouldn’t get pregnant, it’s a matter of, I should not even try to get pregnant because it would end badly.  My doctor told me the rate at which my blood thickens during pregnancy would probably require me to have an abortion.  For my own survival and I’m not talking about at 15 weeks, I’m talking the moment they found out I was pregnant, I would be scheduled for one because when certain hormones are introduced, my risk of blood clots becomes extraordinary.  I have to have blood work done every six months for being on Depo Provera, because it makes my blood thicken.  The nice part of that is as long as I am on it, it’s unlikely I’m going to bleed to death if I do something stupid.  There is a risk of blood clots to me and to a fetus.

This means that if I wanted children, I would have to adopt.  Of course, I don’t want children, so my husband and I don’t lose sleep over it.  What we do lose sleep over is the fact that occasionally, a person becomes immune to certain types of birth control and they stop working.

With new legislation making it not required for an employer to have birth control coverage in their insurance, I feel like I am under attack by the government.  Once again, I feel like the President would rather see his citizens dead than healthy because it’s inconvenient. Because I know I am not the only woman on birth control for health reasons and not just because I don’t want to reproduce, as a matter of fact, it would be foolish to even try to reproduce.  However, the birth control pill stopped working for me.  I had to switch to something else.  A plethora of ovarian cysts rupturing while others grew, proved that the pill was no longer effective and since IUDs are known for having complications, like ovarian cysts, that was not an option.  I was only left with two, one of them was Depo Provera.  At the time, I was lucky, and Planned Parenthood was willing to take me as a patient and I got a reduced rate for my Depo Provera.  My Depo Provera is a little over $600 every three months.  Add that cost into the cost of my health insurance and the cost of treatment for CRPS and it becomes unaffordable for me. So now, I have to worry about my husband’s  current insurance company, which just changed in November, not covering the cost of my Depo Provera.

So it’s okay for insurance to not have to pay for birth control, but they still pay for viagra and cialis.  Are you fucking kidding me?  So it’s okay for men to have sex, but not women, not unless they want to risk getting pregnant.  And we have done a great job of exempting men from responsibility for an unexpected pregnancy – why wasn’t she on birth control? –  No one ever asks why these guys aren’t bagging their junk, possibly double bagging it.

So thanks congress and President Trump for reminding me that I am not important because I am a woman.  For the record, insurance can even deny covering birth control if it is medically necessary, like it is in my case, which is backwards logic.  It is far cheaper to cover my birth control than to cover the consequences of my not having it.

We have made some serious mistakes with insurance companies over the last umpteen hundred years and now we are making them in congress.  We already let insurance companies dictate what and how we can be treated, which is insane.  A board of directors should not get to decide if I get treatment for a life threatening disease.

And who the hell gave Congress and the President the power to decide if I should have children or not?  I didn’t agree to it.  I have known since I was 5 years old that I did not want kids.  However, now my government has decided I shouldn’t be able to make that decision.  Are you kidding me?  We are no longer living in a republic, we are living in a dictatorship…  One that decides for me whether I will have children or not.  And for the record, if they aren’t going to pay for birth control, then why are they still paying for men to be able to have sex as much as they want.

I am a married woman who doesn’t want kids and my husband doesn’t want kids.  So, I guess I will just keep my legs shut for the rest of our marriage and see how that works out for me.  And when I get divorced, do I send my lawyer’s bill to congress?  Because while sex isn’t the most important part of a marriage, it does play a role in it.  Good lord, I already knew the President hated women, by his pussy grabbing statement, but for all of congress to turn on women and decide they know better than us about whether we should have children or not is mind-boggling.

7 thoughts on “Stay Out of my Uterus

  1. I find it hard to believe that birth control costs the insurance companies/employers more than Viagra or Cialis. I understand they want to cut costs but this is a stupid and knee-jerk reaction on their part. The idea of an insurance company in general is to help someone cover “costs” – this means they gave to at least cover a part – and frankly it should be more than 60% because you are paying them a premium. When I had health insurance, I was the ideal patient for an insurance company to cover – I would only visit my doctor twice a year – unless there was a rare medical emergency (gallbladder isdues/removal) and would take generic medicine. I doubt that I cost them half of what I paid in premiums a year. They got my premiums for all of my adult life up to this year and my parents when I was a kid. It’s no wonder they are a “hundreds if billion” dollar industry.

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  2. and the women like me that have fought for your right of choice, yet do not want our tax dollars paying some college kids means of birth control an abortion every months or some dumb bunny that takes past the age of viability to up an oh I don’t wanna have it… all that is scrubbed for your ability for a depo shot, which in my early 30’s immediately put me in menopause… have your shot.. don’t use my tax money for a abortion.. take planned parenthood out of the abortion business and keep them where they lie thru their teeth claiming they are as women health care providers.. when egg meets sperm sorry there is someone else to consider.. in your case agree abort.. so woman with 12 kids and none have the same father sterilize her.. but don’t make this a trump issue Obama climbed into your bed years ago… with his plans for single payer that in other countries you could have the kid before they ok’d an abortion… Our President isn’t perfect, but if you think the last one was… we are done as we have no common ground that unites this country, because the last one was a traitor and thief..

    I’ll pay for your depo shots if it’s that or curse the President because if you think killary klinton was better you are messed up..

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    1. I wasn’t a fan of either candidate.

      And at the moment, tax dollars are not paying for my depo, my monthly health insurance premium should have to cover it. However, Trump removing the ACA mandate making it so they have to pay for it is wrong.

      I am not on Medicaid or Medicare. I am on private health insurance. They should not have a choice which of my conditions they treat.

      And the government doesn’t know shit about me, so why do they get to make it inaccessible to me?


  3. BTW When health care was the law and nuns had to provide it did you spare a thought about the perversion in that??? bet not, hobby lobby willing to close it’s doors for it’s beliefs… where is the line.. your uterus expend mine?? or just get the overies removed you want that route?? I spent the late 60’s as a kid and early 70’s wearing buttons for choice.. I still stand for choice until viability..that window is closing thank god… then I can no longer consider it a symbiotic parasite… as a nurse I faced having a infant thrust in my arms by strangers under the safe infants act.. able to ask only bare bones questions did u have prenatal care, any family illness we need to check for give my name and where I was taking the cold wet crying thank god babe… it stayed in under my name and 204 for two weeks till mom’s safe return date had passed, YOU WANNA KNOW WHO THEY CALLED AT 3 AM WHEN THERE WAS A ISSUE!! so you rant one way I can rant the other… but there has to be a meeting in the middle somewhere or bend over and we can all kiss America bye and start learning Arabic.

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    1. And what does planned parenthood abortion services have to do with Trump ending the mandate that health insurance has to pay for birth control? Also, perhaps if we educated women about birth control and offered it at affordable rates there would be fewer babies dropped off under the safe infant act. I don’t know why you think I’m wrong to expect the government not to tell my health insurance company it’s okay to not pay for my birth control? And yes, that is a Trump issue. He is so hell bent on repealing ACA that he is sending us backwards, not forwards with these idiotic repeals. And when he’s done with birth control, he’ll be repealing the idea that health insurance has to pay for well woman exams. It is an attack on women at this point… everything the women of the 1960s and 1970s worked to earn us, is being undone. I feel you should be a little angry about it as well. Or maybe you don’t care since my tax dollars go towards your health insurance, but yours does not go towards mine.


  4. Thank you, thank you! For years, since Viagra and it’s ilk hit the market I screamed about the injustice and irony of it being paid for by insurance, while women were forced to pay for birth control out of pocket. It took forever for insurance to pay for birth control but they finally got there. Now we’re taking leaps backwards and removing it from the formulary??? So we “make america great again” by going backwards??? The times in my life that I’ve been put on birth control had absolutely nothing to do with birth or controlling it. I’ll never understand why it’s more important to pay for a penis to work so a man can have fun, than to pay for a medication that is life-saving for so many women.

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