Net Neutrality – Reality

Enjoy reading my blogs?  Let’s say you couldn’t because LiveJournal decided to pay your internet service provider a sum of money so that they could be the only blog site visitors could see?

What if your ISP decided to block Netflix and build their own inefficient video streaming service because Netflix refused to pay your internet provider to let you use them?  Or let’s say those nifty digital download codes could only be watched if you downloaded iTunes because Vudu and UltraViolet were blocked by your internet service provider?  It happens in countries without Net Neutrality.  The best example I have seen comes from Taiwan.  There are only two internet service providers in the entire country.  One is communist owned, the other capitalist.  Taiwan, who is technically a democratic country for now, doesn’t care about the Communist propaganda spouted by China who is insistent they own Taiwan.  The Communist owned ISP censors things like Netflix and Amazon video because it does not conform to Communist ideology.  The other ISP does not allow users to watch Netflix because it has too many violent American movies on it.

If you pay for internet service, shouldn’t you be able to use it as you see fit?  Yes you should, but without net neutrality, you won’t.  Some internet service providers could decide that you can’t watch kitten videos without paying for their Kitten Video Streaming Add-On service.

Also, they can censor ebooks.  You might have to buy an ebook download service that costs extra each month.

Or you might have to buy a “Shop Amazon Add-On Service” without net neutrality.  And our anti-trust laws are not equipped to handle a world without net neutrality.  So those stupid add-on services could be a very real thing or you just won’t be able to access things like Netflix from your smart devices, computers, phones, etc.

Imagine if you had to pay $11.99 or $13.99 whatever it is going up to to watch Netflix plus your internet bill, plus another $9.99 a month for an Add-on to your internet service plan that allows you to stream netflix.  I’d go broke really fast with the add-ons because I love Netflix and Vudu and Hulu…

I already pay for these services and pay for internet, I’d be paying yet a 3rd time every month to have access to the services I pay for so I could use it through my internet provider.

Scary thought when you think of it that way.  Suddenly Netflix is costing you $23 a month on top of the $80 internet bill that is basically worthless without add-ons.

3 thoughts on “Net Neutrality – Reality

  1. Already cancelled netflix, Hulu because spectrum bought my internet provider and that’s 120. A month.! All for busting up the owners so the web can be free… But then again we still deal with Countries That Steal Anything They Can From The Web..

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  2. We are changing net providers and are ditching U-Verse tv because it’s gotten outrageous. I wonder if these companies remember that they are leasing our airwaves to broadcast their programming and using the internet, which was developed with government funding, to sell back to us. Totally sends me over the edge. And yes…Net Neutrality is important.

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