And People Wonder Why I’m Anxious

I was reading the news today and it dawned on me why I’m always anxious.  Some idiot cemented his head into a microwave and had to be rescued by the fire department.  He and his buddies did it to record it for a YouTube prank video.

Multiple people were involved in this.  They were smart enough to put a plastic bag around his head to keep him from drowning in QuickCrete, but that brings up all new questions for me.

The microwave was there as a mold.

This is the point humanity has reached.  Multiple adults willingly stuck someone’s head in a plastic bag and then stuck that head into a microwave and filled the microwave with cement and at no point while it was hardening did someone go “maybe this isn’t such a great idea” and pulled the guy’s head out before it completely set up.

And what kind of prank video were they filming, everyone consented, so it wasn’t much of a prank, just people being stupid.  It isn’t like you can do this to a sleeping slumber party guest.  I guess you could, but it would be a whole lot more difficult than sticking their hand in a bowl of warm water.  And that person had better sleep like the dead because I’m guessing the logistics of it require being moved, a lot.

These are people who can vote, breed, and buy alcohol legally.  Possibly all at the same time.  It makes me worry about the fate of the human race and if I’m unfortunately going to be around to see it.

At no time should the smartest part of a plan include putting a plastic bag over someone’s head.  That sounds like an intro to a serial killer movie.  One day these idiots will be involved in politics and corporations and things.  These people will be running the world, unless they win a Darwin award.



6 thoughts on “And People Wonder Why I’m Anxious

  1. Too many liberals have won that award already called congress.. Like put in invaded Korea no crimes and Korea not the same.. Or we have to pass it to read it.. How dumb can that be talking national Law and vote it then find out you just screwed the best medical system into government going broke pays all illegal or citizen.. As a heartbeat has a autoimmune that really stabbed me. Yep IS means nothing , they don’t even teach civics anymore.. So I agree booze driving voting age and God help us all probably breeding like bunnies.. The world is looking less Norman Rockwell and more Stephen king every day… Only we can close the cover and toss it in the couch with i don’t wanna know the ending…


    1. You can’t lay all the blame on liberals. I am going to pay more taxes on less money with the tax cuts that just passed. Also, our current president forgot that Puerto Ricans are American citizens. It’s pretty ridiculous that our president can’t remember who his own citizens are.


  2. Other than rolling my eyes and shaking my head, I don’t know what we can do about people that are, for lack if better words, dumber than a box of rocks. I missed this in the news. Was too busy watching the local news and their idiotic ideas on how to decrease violence in St. Louis ( Because – yes we know- criminals always follow the law).

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  3. When we have a congress that supports a tax budget that decreases taxes for the wealthy while increasing the national debt, I don’t know. I wish they would stick their heads in a microwave.

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