My Secret Has Been Figured Out

I’ve had a reader request multiple times that I put the GoFundMe Link on my blog because she has figured out why I am stressed about the lack of book releases in my foreseeable future.  I make okay money picking up new readers every month.  I have a large catalogue of books for them to choose from and that helps me support myself.

However, months I release books are months that I can afford to put money in savings and pay the little bills I haven’t been able to work into my budget up to that point.  And unfortunately, I haven’t released a book since May 2017.  That’s why I picked up the job selling Scentsy.  For these months between releases my savings get drained faster than I can get it built up because I need so much extra money a month now.

Most Octobers I can spend less than $50 on advertising and pick up an extraordinary number of readers, only this October, I didn’t even have the $50 to do adverts for D&R and the Brenna Strachan series, both are series that sell very well in October with a little push behind them.  I don’t mind working both jobs.  Scentsy is easier on me when I’m having a bad pain day.  Or have medicine brain.

I’m not making big bucks on Scentsy at 25% of everything I sell, but even an extra $100 a month here and there helps big time.  That’s a couple of prescriptions as well as a doctor’s visit, maybe two… depends on the prescription.  Or it’s $100 less I have to find in one of my checks to apply to my Lyrica bill.

When she confronted me with her sudden understanding of why I am stressed about not releasing books, I admitted that was it.  Only publishing Triggered Reality and Flawless Dreams last year hurt me big time on the yearly income.  As far as I can tell, I lost about $7,000 because I didn’t release a second Dreams novel in 2017.  If my plans had worked out and I had released Demonic Dreams in either September or October then I wouldn’t be begging for money, because I would have made that extra $7,000 and been paid for it during the months I would be building a shower and adjusting to my Lyrica copay and trying to meet my new deductible and out of pocket.

So at her persistent requests and despite how awkward and awful I feel about it, here is the link for the GoFundMe that my mom set up… ironically in an attempt to relieve some of my stress about money, but created a different sort of stress…

PS: Andrea Giacuomo (I think I got that last name spelled right, but I’m not going to bet my life on it) I would very much like for you to contact me.

3 thoughts on “My Secret Has Been Figured Out

  1. I think you’d loose the bet on the name..hahh we all have our moments.. I have sent you out on my facebook list, and if we ever finish probate with any left over I’ll do what I can..

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