Let the Year End on a High Note

I’ve started a couple of books, writing them that is.  Demonic Dreams as well as The Dysfunctional Mob are all officially in progress.  As is a somewhat autobiographical account of CRPS.  I worked my fingers off today and made progress on all three of them.  I do find it hard to switch gears from Aislinn to Nadine, but I’ve always had a little trouble with that.

I am somewhat looking forward to December now.  It is a huge relief to be able to find my words again.  I feel really sorry for my editor, Krissy of K. Smith proofs because while my spelling has never been awesome, it seems to have taken a big hit on the Lyrica.  I know that sounds strange, but words I used to spell all the time are a struggle sometimes and since it has only recently started, I can only guess it’s the result of the Lyrica.

Don’t get me wrong, that isn’t enough to make me stop taking it.  My hands only mildly hurt today.  The weather is changing, getting a little colder and I typed like a madwoman today… Normally, by now, I would be applying aspercreme with lidocaine for the sixtieth time.  As it is, I will probably apply some before bed, but it will be the first time I have used it all day.  My fingers are a little swollen, but I can still straighten them, so it just adds further evidence that my hands had been the start of the problem all along.

So as we move into December, I do so with a fresh start and books at my fingertips.  I am looking forward to it.  It just feels good to write again.

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