Good Grief

I slipped down some stairs today because we have all hardwood laminate flooring in our house. Which is awesome unless you’re clumsy, like I am.

That brings me to the part of CRPS I am still learning to deal with. I don’t think I hurt myself very bad. It feels like I broke my leg and possibly my hip.

But I only slipped down a couple of steps and I had a firm hold on the railing, so I didn’t fall. That makes the chances that I broke something less likely.

But I feel like it broke the bones in my lower leg and wrenched my knee. So now I am sitting and waiting for swelling because I can’t trust my pain level to accurately reflect the damage I might have done to my leg by slipping down a couple of steps.

And honestly, this is not a disorder you get because you are graceful… and having it doesn’t increase your gracefulness. I decided to write a blog post as I waited for the muscle spasms to end, because that’s the other thing you can’t trust. If you suddenly have serious muscle spasms, it means you might have done something to a muscle, but with CRPS, muscle spasms can randomly happen or they can happen after a stupid moment, like slipping down some stairs.

And I hate the idea of going to the ER and saying “hey, I slipped down some stairs and now I have muscle spasms in my thigh, it feels like I broke my foot and lower leg, but I am probably fine and it’s just the CRPS in my legs and hips rearing it’s ugly head.” In no way does that end well in my head with the ER or my insurance company.

2 thoughts on “Good Grief

    1. I had an excellent nurse and excellent nurse practitioner that made me feel much better. I mostly jarred the crap out of my legs because it hit a few steps as I went down them. I have learned to hold very tightly to railings since sometimes my leg doesn’t work properly anymore.


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