So Glad I am not a parent today

We had a dart tournament for Toys for Tots this weekend. There was a Sweet Sixteen party scheduled over top of us. Turn out was low, so it wasn’t a big deal.

However, I overheard two of the party guests having a conversation in the ladies bathroom about whether one girl who looked about 15 years old was going to tell her boyfriend she was pregnant. This debate was bookended with the statement “well, if it turns out not to be his, I don’t want him telling the school I’m a slut.”

Um, what?

As I washed my hands and prepared to leave the bathroom all I could really think about was the fact that for all my problems, I’ve never had that one… on either end of the spectrum – no Teen girls to worry about coming home and telling me their pregnant and no concerns about ever having to tell a boyfriend I’m pregnant, but it might not be his.

Even in my thirties, those words give me the heebeejeebees. I’m married and I wouldn’t want to have to tell my husband – Hey, we just managed to achieve gold stars in the “people who shouldn’t breed” category! Which is probably what I would say after I finished sobbing.

But not being sure who the father is adds a whole new layer of intense sobbing to my mindset. That conversation would not go well. And I think she might have more problems than then the boyfriend telling people she’s a slut if it turns out not to be his. Like figuring out the real father. Do you flip a coin for paternity testing at that point?

One thought on “So Glad I am not a parent today

  1. no you go on day time talk shows ten times and find that none of the ten you pulled out of your memory is the ‘baby daddy’ a term I had never heard until my son was past his teens.. along with ‘baby momma’ seems self explanatory until you help some older lady change the time stamp on her watch as she tells you her daughter could do it but she’s pregnant with her third baby by an illegal and they are both on welfare cause any money they get they send his wife down south.. HUH here is your watch I am going over there and pray your crazy didn’t rub off….
    There is a time stupidity needs to be weaned from the gene pool….


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