I want to start a movement

I think once a year, we should have a Donate an Independent author to your local library day.  It’s very hard to get an indie’s book in a library if that indie doesn’t live there.  Most libraries are willing to take donations from authors, but not through the mail.  Most libraries require that X amount of people have to request a book before they will spend their limited funds on an independent author’s book.

Think about it though, if everyone bought one book from an indie, say through Amazon or CreateSpace or B&N or wherever you buy your paperbacks and donated them to their local library, indies would suddenly have a huge showing in libraries across the country.

I’ll start it.  Between now and December 15th, I’m going to buy a copy of Reign Drops by C. Patt and donate it to my local library.  Since I’m currently reading it for something the author wants me to look over, I’ll wait until I finish that before I go buy it and donate it, that way it meets her approval.  She lives in Texas so the chances that her book is available at the library in Columbia, Missouri are slim.  However, since lots of people still get books from libraries (much to the dismay of digital media haters everywhere, the ebook did not kill off libraries). It’s true that they have more limited funds due to budget cuts and restraints placed upon them by the cities where they operate and they do buy ebooks, which is nice for readers and authors alike (the first library to get the Dreams books was a library in Los Angeles who picked up the ebook versions). I have since donated paperback copies of all my books to my local library.  And as soon as I have a copy of Tortured Dreams in my possession, I have a Little Library interested in the first 2 Dreams books.

This would actually accomplish 2 things: not only would we be able to get indies into libraries without cutting into library budgets for things like the newest Stephen King novel, but the author would make a few bucks off the paperback you bought and donated!  And as people in your town or city borrowed the book and read it, then you could talk to others where you live about the book without feeling like they don’t know what you’re talking about.  I got the idea when I saw a book being read by someone at the grocery store today.  It was stamped with our public library’s name and it was an indie author that lives here in town that I actually love.  I’m sure she donated it, but wouldn’t it be great if people in Cleveland could check it out from the library?  It would because it’s a good book, but I’m betting they don’t have that option because the library hasn’t bought it.

The downside is that I’m asking people to buy a paperback novel and donate it, but it is November/December, the season of giving.  What better time to start such a movement!

9 thoughts on “I want to start a movement

  1. WHOA I buy your books, I review them, I read them, then pass them around now I have to pick someone to support?? I set you up with a new author that wanted tips on being an indi, do I need to bleed??? ;o}
    well heck spell it right and do it in Louisville some time hahahaha

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    1. I didn’t say anyone had to join me in this venture, I just thought it would be nice. I know a lot of authors that deserve to be in libraries and book stores, but that is hard for indies to do. I have a couple of indie authors I’d like to see in my local library so I am going to work on getting paperbacks of their books to donate.


  2. H.
    If you can’t get the joke I am sorry… I have just spent the last two weeks rereading your works cause you commented you had finally read one as a consumer rather then a final editor.. When I wrote the White House , I included your basic history and worries regarding health ins…Plus others from vets to just plain folks that need assisting with reading skills you know the things they no longer teach so they can cover the koran, undocumented, DACAS that lay claim to the western seaboard and the liberals think that’s just grand…regarding the hopes of the invisible medical issues that cause so many to say, you don’t look disabled, you look drunk… well MS will do that to you. I had to give up the handicap hang tag because of the twisted dumb bunnies ” these spots are for ?people that need em. “!!!.. Hey never have been offered a hand up when my balance causes me to faceplate in a parking lot.. Painfully getting up, yelped at for setting some phalic symbol car alarm as the owner screeches get your hands off and sober up..Rehab..like screaming jerks say out in the open at full help when unable to have any drink stronger then so what the heck will 28days crying out of a Pepsi addiction Do me ?? 20 years plus nothing stronger…?? Do I, or say just O have my scared breast hanging out to show that Breast cancer really does wonders for your sexual self ideas.. Let alone stress of Cancer, death of both parents just before Christmas last year and probate in two states meaning the lawyers win my inheritance simply because my sibling is the left hand of Satan..He tormented my poor mom for the three and a half weeks she knew she had inoperable metastasis pancreatic cancer. Hey I stayed by her side day and night and she passed in my arms..stressors like that of course can’t make the me better with the Neuro aspects of Multiple Sclerosis say oh we will leave you alone and not flare up just because you are going thru Hell.. So as I have said, I get it… oK understand your thoughts would it be better if I just died..As Della Jill can tell you it spiraled from killing myself to wiping out my family, the saving grace being the dog from heaven…
    I wasn’t harping on your book idea, it anything cleaning the idea has helped Dads collection of books will go to library’s and Goodwill will benefit greatly as will the 6 wool overcoats and 26 suits to a northern chapter may help someone that can’t buy a suit for a interview get at least a chance..out my father’s double side trailer on a beautiful lake in central Florida that I can’t live because I have a heat intolerant medical condition.
    I GOT the movement idea, I just laughed and sent a light hearted joke do you want blood too… Never mind. Obviously we are just not seeing each other post in a crowd two feet apart…
    I wish you well. When you publish something I will read it.. I will always laugh at toilets because of you. May God watch and keep you in his palm, ever giving you the will to take that step.. Reach for that star..

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