Thankful, Part 5

I am thankful for my readers.  Several of you have messaged me over the years asking if I was burning the candle at both ends.  A few have worried I write so fast, I might burn out.  Most have offered emotional support and promised to keep reading no matter how long it takes to get the next book done.  No one has sent me hate mail for not getting Demonic Dreams out in October like I planned.

I’m setting less lofty goals for 2018 and I know that my readers will be fine with that.  Next year, I will release Demonic Dreams and I will write another Dysfunctional Chronicle.  I don’t know when these will publish.  I don’t know what order I will publish them in.  I may not publish anything else next year except those two things.  Or I might work on the Death Demon Trilogy a little bit next year and see if I can get it off the ground and running.

Good chance my 2017 publishing is done.  Even if in two weeks or three weeks, I begin to be able to visualize the story from beginning to end, like I used to do, I won’t have time to get it written, edited, and published.

I appreciate the support my readers have offered and the fact that most realized I was going to have to cut back a little even before I did.  It makes me feel loved to know that even if I only publish two books next year, you will all buy them and then anxiously await the release of another… which might take a year or more to get done.  I know you all will continue to recommend my books to others and write reviews telling strangers they need to read whichever series is your favorite.

And you’ll continue to read my blog and offer emotional support when I have bad days.  Which to me is amazing, because truthfully, I am a complete stranger to most of you and yet you find it in your souls to be compassionate and understanding and willing to listen to me rant and ramble and stress and worry.  It means a lot to me that you guys have shown me an outpouring of sympathy, support, and friendship.  So for that, I am thankful I have found all of you.  You are all amazing and I feel indebted to you all.

4 thoughts on “Thankful, Part 5

  1. Stay Strong , your a wonderful writer and we all have things to live or deal with ..No one knows what anyone else feels when they hurt or deal with it but the person them self…as always since I discovered you books ,will get your next one when you’re healthy enough to write…. hope things are going to be better soon.

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  2. Those of us who love your books will be ready to read when ever they come out. The most important thing right now is you! Not the books, not the readers, YOU! I, for one, want to to you to take some time to rest. You body needs time to adjust to it’s new normal. My rheumatologist told me years ago that the changing of the seasons would be very hard and very painful for me. He was right. But fall is definitely the hardest of all 4. Write when you can, love yourself every day, and be kind to yourself. (I need to take my own advice. Lol)

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  3. Your health must come first so we will just have to be patient. I can’t imagine living in so much pain everyday then trying to concentrate on writing such fantastic books. As for the worry of paying health bills I wish the powers that be here in Britain could read your blog and ensure our NHS does not fail. We truly take this great service for granted but more, a lot more, money needs to be found so sick people can still access medical care and medicines when they desperately need it. As for recommending the series I love the best out if your books 😱 it would be like choosing my favourite child. Stay strong and keep well.

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