Thankful, Part 4

I am thankful for my husband.  He is adjusting to living with someone who has a chronic pain disorder.  It isn’t easy.  Some nights, I’m terribly cranky just because I hurt.  Some days, I don’t want to get out of bed because the meds make me feel exhausted.

There are other issues as well, the cost of my health care has increased exponentially.  So he is adjusting to living life on a tighter budget than what he is used to, especially since my health insurance comes out of his pay checks.  My doctor’s appointments have increased.  My medicine copays have increased because there isn’t a generic of Lyrica on the market yet.  Means we have to pull our purse strings tighter than we did before.

Physically there are adjustments too.  I can’t play darts anymore and going and sitting in the chairs at the bar can cause pain.  I don’t go every week like I used to.  I’m a sub on his team, but I can’t really play.  Dart tournaments are going to be a little more challenging, they involve a lot of walking and sitting.  When I wasn’t throwing, I used to volunteer to chalk matches (keep the score)… but I can’t do that anymore either.  I won’t be going on float trips, because I can’t sit in a raft for several hours.  His parents own a campground at Mark Twain Lake in north eastern Missouri.  They have a nice pontoon that we go out on for the purpose of swimming when it’s hot, I can swim, they actually told me swimming was my best exercise choice, but I’m not sure I can get up and down the ladder to get in and out of the pontoon.  He may have to learn how to help me up and down the stupid thing.

For now, I can’t drive.  Having less than 50% mobility in the hip hinders a number of activities, including driving.  He wasn’t a good passenger anyway, but now he has to take into consideration how long I can sit in the passenger’s seat before it becomes a pain issue.  Our travel might include more stops to let me just get out and walk around, which means three hour drives might have to become three and half hour drives or four hour drives depending on my comfort.  For people that like to just get in the car and go, that takes getting used to.

I appreciate the fact that he is willing to stay and try to adjust to these things.

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