Some Positivity

My pity party has lasted long enough. It’s November and for those in the US that means Thanksgiving.

In my family, before we eat we have to name something we are thankful for. One of the things I have been most thankful for is my great nephew and his momma.

Jude’s momma is not my niece – not biologically and not by marriage. Her and my nephew were dating when she got pregnant and then he decided to get back into drugs and screw up his life.

I can’t make my nephew go straight. I can’t change who he is or what he does. I can only shake my head and sigh that he is missing out on watching his son grow up.

However, Jude’s momma lets me include her in the list of nieces and nephews. She lets me treat her like she’s family. She treats us like family. She doesn’t hold my nephew’s behavior against us. For that, J am thankful.

I hear about families nowadays where they don’t see a grandchild or great grandchild because after the parents split, the hard feelings of The nonbiological parent keeps them from seeing the baby that was created.

We don’t have that problem. We can see Jude as much as we want. They join us for dinner sometimes. They come out just to hang out. She wants us in Jude’s life!

And I am thankful for that little boy. He might exhaust me while he’s here, but sometimes, be randomly runs up to give me a hug and/or a kiss just because. And no matter how tired I am at those times, it makes me feel better.

He is so loving and so caring, for a 15 month old. It really warms my heart.

3 thoughts on “Some Positivity

  1. Your “niece” is a good mama and a good person. Both she and Jude benefit from a relationship with you and your family and of course you benefit from that. It’s hard to stay positive in a world that sometimes literally seems like it wants to strangle you and kick you to the curb. We all go through things that will break us if we let them. Keep pushing to survive and hopefully we’ll be able to figure something out about your medical issues and health insurance issues.

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  2. Too many parents use children to barter or hurt the other parent/family with. You great niece is such an unselfish,mature and especially great mother as her son will benefit from having all his family around him. You can see how Jude helps you’re mental well-being Hadena but his own mental well-being is being protected by knowing who he is and who his family are. We all should take time out to reflect on the things we are thankful for. I hope you are feeling well physically soon too.

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