For Those Not in the Know

If you look at my Facebook or Twitter profile, they both say “protector of armadillos”.  This is because despite 6 Dysfunctional Chronicles, I have yet to kill a single armadillo…

While writing the third book in a series that was never supposed to happen, ie: The Dysfunctional Honeymoon, I needed something for Nadine to be afraid of that most people aren’t.  It took hours of brainstorming for me to figure it out… Armadillos.

They don’t seem scary.  But I have never seen a live one, just roadkill.  This is weird since I live in a state where armadillos do exist.  When I travel, I tend to text my bestie, Beth, every time I see a dead one on the side of the road.

This meant that adding them to the Dysfunctional Chronicles seemed perfect.  However, even though Nadine is terrified of them, I have never killed one and Nadine does live near a place where armadillos are beginning to infest.  They are among the fastest spreading invasive mammal in the world.  They have begun to adjust to cooler climates which is why they are moving north.  Ten years ago, we didn’t have armadillos in my home town.  Now I see them dead on the side of the road about once a month…

Which is why author C. Patt brought a huge smile to my face by sending me this sign:


2 thoughts on “For Those Not in the Know

  1. You only have armadillos around if they have a food source. Usually grubs living in your yard. Kill the Grubbs get rid if the armadillos. When I was much younger my friends would go Dillo dogging. You chase armadillos through a field and try to catch them by the tail. The problem comes when you actually catch one.

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