#MeToo Statements

The Me Too statements flooding social media are not complaints, they aren’t whining statements meant to get us attention.

Their purpose is to remind others they are not alone and help break the culture of silence that surrounds sex crimes.

I occasionally wonder if my former step sister has kids and if she has molested them. I also wonder if I had spoken up at six instead of 26, if she would have gotten the help she needed because I’m pretty sure the reason she molested me was because she was also a victim of abuse.

Yes the statements are sad and uncomfortable to read or look at, but they are positive messages of support. They say: it is has happened to us, you are not alone. If you are currently being abused, speak up about it, we have your back.

Please stop acting like they are hostile statements of whining and bitching. They aren’t. They are among the most positive thing I have seen on social media for a long long time. If you see one and feel the need to comment or express some emotion give it a like or a love or a retweet. If you feel the need to comment, express support and love, not negativity. It takes a lot of courage to write those two little words.

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