Writing & Smoking

My husband is planning to set me up a mobile workstation in the garage. I find it surprisingly difficult to write without a cigarette burning in the ashtray.

I’d say it was difficult to write without smoking, but the truth is, I mostly lit a cigarette, took drag, and then let it burn out in the ashtray… only to repeat the process a little while later.

Now that we don’t smoke in the house, I find myself taking real cigarette breaks. Which screws with my train of thought and I forget where I was going with things.

However, it’s interesting the smells a house holds. Once in a while, I’ll open a cabinet, particularly in the bathroom, and get a whiff of pot. No one in my house smokes weed, so it has to be residual from the last owners. Especially, since it is more likely to happen in the master bathroom.

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