Wow and Wow

Yesterday was a bad day for me mentally and physically. However, the out pouring of generosity from my readers was amazing!

A few people took the initiative to bug me about how to donate to my medical funds and actually gave me enough to pay off one of my bills.

Another reader sent me a PayPal donation with a note telling me it was to start my Scentsy business because she believed I could still write books and sell Scentsy and the extra money I made off Scentsy could help with editing bills, medical bills, and life adjustments as we figure out what is wrong with me.

Finally, one reader begged me to set up a GoFundMe. She claims my books are too cheap and she has no problems giving me extra money while dealing with this medical crisis.

I spent the majority of my day crying and telling my editor how amazed I was. I also took the donation for my Scentsy business and signed up.

The other money will go towards prescriptions and medical bills.

It was unexpected and completely mind blowing. I felt very undeserving of the kindness and forever grateful.

I don’t get moved to tears very often, but you guys managed today. As a writer, I feel silly because I don’t have the words to express my gratitude.

You are all amazing and I love all of you. 😍 thank you so much from the depths of my soul.

Now back to work on Demonic Dreams!

7 thoughts on “Wow and Wow

  1. I am glad you had success with your issues, some put a plea to assist in burial of parents and saving of a family home and get a stranger donation of 20 and have to close it down and deal with psycho brother trying to take everything after dissing Mom for 30 yrs.. It’s been a rough year all around.. now that I have the courts permission to purchase the home I and son live in that valued out at 75,000 appraisal, and sibling that paid nothing for burials or memorials etc gets to hang everything in probate while I deal with courts and breast cancer and MS all just a lovely time biting nails off watching a hurricane hit the estate Dad left me only to have brother in the last gasp of probate demand furniture from that home.. amazingly still in one piece after Irma.. court cost of two attorneys in two states and having to scrub every painful mention off facebook because he finds that a threat to his good name good name bastard, SOB what good name should I call someone who with his wife sits at my Dying mothers hospital bed crammed in a living room when she begs Just go Home… Then an attempt to have me served at her church memorial service and then 3 months later when I can actually bury her next to Grand Mother a call the night before I can’t come change the day.. Doesn’t work like that you had 26 days notice that the stone would be in place and that I would hold her service on her birthday asshat just forgot what her birth date was.. and the cemetery where Grandparents from both sides are resting.. So I had my Medical crisis in 2004 and 2006 when I was forced to give up a nursing career.. then in 2008 when finally got disability while they play with meds that cause loss of vision and other issues.. I am actually Very happy that your fans came thru and sad I can’ pay half my bills and give you anything.. but I don;t ask anymore for help.. I have had o do it alone my life and will finish the same way.. wish you the best in everything as you know.. glad you aren’t a go fund me scam like so many.. but I will never as for a dime again, too humiliating to find you have no one but a stranger willing to give 20.00.

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    1. I’m sorry for the hardships you’ve faced over the years. I have been blessed and I am aware of it. I’m even more blessed by knowing that my readers, almost complete strangers, care so much about me. With a little luck, I will be able to pay everyone back for their kindness. And tonight, with my pain under control, and some of my financial stress relieved, I’m hoping to sit down and get quite a bit written on Demonic Dreams.


      1. No I am sorry, I owe you a huge I am sorry, Yesterday was just a really really bad day dealing with 2 attorneys that can not get big knife in my back to stop twisting it and demands for a handmade by grandfather cedar chest so it can be a toy chest for 2nd wife’s little family members after he took a pristine steamer trunk that was grand parents wedding gift from their parents off to college yrs ago and returned it without the leather straps locking hardware and had painted it all with thick white latex paint and I am saying he gets none of the family furniture and the will doesn’t give him any also yet he is holding probate hostage for his demands and whims while holding up 100,000.00mI really need at least some access to. I blasted frustration in YOUR forum and I owe you an apology in the same. please forgive my overstep and know that I have truly always wished you well and success.. and still do.

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      2. No biggie, we all have bad days. And trust me, I’ve been there. I have vented and regretted it afterwards. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep pretending we have all our shit together all the time.


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