Trick or Treat GoFundMe

Since I’m too old to trick or treat, maybe I should start. Trick or treat GoFundMe. If everyone donated a $1, I’d pay off about half my current medical bills.

Basically, my insurance is trying to screw me. Since I was originally misdiagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection, they see no reason for me to continue to have treatment on my hip. After all, a round of antibiotics should have cured me.

Except it didn’t even come close… so the injections and subsequent visits to the ER, urgent care, pain management doctor, iridologist to prove it wasn’t a urinary tract infection, the injection, the MRI, the nerve ablation, and testing for disorders like Lupus, they don’t feel they should have to pay for because if I had taken the antibiotics as instructed, I’d be cured.

Never mind that I did take the antibiotics and was far from cured. They don’t want to pay for any of prescriptions related to my hip or back problem (because I have a tear in a disc that is causing back pain (and yes, I’ve seen a chiropractor and been doing acupuncture – neither are helping with either the hip or the back).

I feel like I’m drowning. I am still having issues working. I can’t seem to make enough money in a month no matter how well I budget. I can’t get a second job at the moment that would require me to go somewhere other than my house because I can’t drive. Plus, I would have to be careful about the number of hours I worked since standing kills me and sometimes, sitting is just as bad.

I need to win the lottery, except I don’t play it because it seems like a complete waste of what little money I do have.

Anyone else ever feel like they are drowning? Or like the universe is out to get them and they don’t know how to fix their karma to make it stop? Because that is where I’m at.

Ok, I’ll stop throwing my pity party, pull up my big girl peekaboo panties and pray for a miracle, because that is currently what I feel I need.

7 thoughts on “Trick or Treat GoFundMe

  1. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I have a pituitary tumor that can’t be removed because it’s wrapped around the carotid artery and it’s caused acromegaly. I think at last count I have 12 doctors but none of them know what to do with me because they have never seen anyone with my symptoms. I can’t even begin to describe the pain of all my bones growing wider. It’s just not something anyone can understand. I’ve been wondering myself what I’ve done in a past life to deserve this. I can’t imagine that I went around kicking puppies or pinching babies. They both love me in this life. 🙂 Maybe it’s my punishment for ” not doing my job” and refusing to procreate this already overpopulated earth.

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  2. I swear that health insurance companies are the devil…they are an evil tumor when it comes to paying for mis-diagnosed illness. You are not alone – have you called the department of insurance?

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  3. I know you will get thru this cause you are a fighter and would not have gotten this far without lots of prayers. So here are some prayers for a return to good health.

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  4. I am so sorry of the pain you live in. One of the signs by our church says H.O.P.E. Hang on, pain ends.
    I have a money suggestion. I love your Dream books and eagerly await each one. How about doing a James Patterson BookShots and write short stories with the Dream characters? I’d buy every one and I’m sure others would, too.

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    1. I have that actually, but it didn’t go over well. If you “donate” in my Etsy store, you get the story of Donnelly’s death from his point of view as well as a few others.


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