Things I won’t Share to the HJ Page

Pleas for money.  I got hit by another author today asking me to add the link to her GoFundMe account.  It appears she needs money for a vacation.

If she needed money for an audiobook, it would be different.  That I would share.  There is a huge ebook market, but getting one made is expensive, like super duper expensive.  Tortured Dreams cost me a little over $6,000 and I have made about $400 of it back.  So, I’m actually in that boat.  Unless I find a sponsor, Elysium Dreams will never it make it into an ebook.

However, I refuse to share a fundraiser for a vacation… especially right now when there are so many things at home that need money.  Hell, I need money.  Trying to figure out if I have lupus or something else is breaking me.  I currently have payment plans of the bare minimum set up with all my doctors involved because I owe my pain management doctor several hundreds.  It’s getting to the point where there are times I wonder if I can afford my medications (see why I want a second job like a Scentsy consultancy?).

Sadly, with the multiple misdiagnoses and attempts at treatments, my finances are so out of whack, that even if I finished Demonic Dreams tomorrow, I couldn’t afford to pay my editor.

So, no, I won’t share your GoFundMe for your vacation or so you can take a year off work to write your novel or whatever other ridiculous thing you think you can raise money for without working.  If you have a real fundraiser, I’d share that, but I won’t assault my readers with fundraisers so you don’t have to work.

Rant over.

7 thoughts on “Things I won’t Share to the HJ Page

  1. Just curious, I figure that when someone buys your book from Amazon you get a percentage of the price, but how do authors get paid when a book is borrowed via Kindle Unlimited? I just want to be sure that you guys are actually making something when I borrow a book.


    1. We earn a $0.005 per page read. And yes that really is half a cent per page read… which sucks and is why I have removed my books for KU. I make more money on B&N and iBooks than I do for entire book read on KU.


  2. I paid $700 to have my first book published and the company (Xlibris) put such a high cost on them and I could not change it. At first, it hit into the high ratings on Amazon, then took a nose dive. I guess I used up all my friends. lol My second book is sitting on the computer laughing at me, but like you, my illnesses are many and illustrious…..and my constant companion had to be euthanized last week and I think the grief exploded my heart. Everyone is expecting a quick ‘3 days of mourning then you’d better straighten up’ course, but he never left my side during my operations and we needed each other. So…….Life sometimes gets put on hold so we can collapse and drool in the mud. I’m thinking of uploading my sequel straight into kindle-land and hope I did the formatting correctly.

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