An Extra Paycheck

The only thing I hate about writing is that I get all my checks at the beginning of the month.  Since I budget, this normally isn’t a huge problem, but sometimes things crop up unexpectedly… Like in September Legal oom hit me for $459.99 in renewal fees.  I occasionally forget about annual renewal fees, so these tend to shock me and throw my budget out of whack, which screws up my following month.

Other months, I just wish I had a little extra income.  Because while I have a decent average of $2,000+ a month, some months (especially in the spring) that average takes a serious hit and I make far less.

Considering what I do for a living, I don’t want an office job with set hours and what not, but a second job isn’t a terrible idea.  I’m good at being self motivated and I have always thought I would be decent at a consultant business.

I’m seriously considering adding a Scentsy consultancy to my resume (turns out my mom and I both can handle their food scents and my family is currently in love with Blueberry Cheesecake).  It will still leave me plenty of time to write, considering I mostly write after dark and might help me feel like I don’t need to struggle on those poor months or on months when I have forgotten that some renewal fee is coming out of my account.

My husband has concerns.  He has had several friends whose wives have had consultant jobs and they didn’t make a dime.  But I’m used to figuring out marketing tools and I’m a self motivator… If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be able to get a single book written, ever.  And since I don’t have to dedicate forty hours a week to it every week, I think it would be a decent side job.

I’m not going to get rich from it.  I’m not even going to make close to what I make writing.  It’s going to take some work to build a customer base and I realistically know this (just like publishing).  But in six or seven months, if it could add about $200 to my monthly income, I’d be good with that.  Like I said, I don’t want tons of money from it, just a little extra to ease my budget a little bit or to help me put extra on my car payments or house payments some months.  That would be awesome.

This Sunday, I’m hosting a Scentsy party online and at my house.  I think that will make up my mind on whether to go ahead with becoming a consultant or not.

I promise to continue to write books.  I promise that this will not kill my writing career.  I’ve worked too hard to become a published author to let it do that.  And I won’t be trying to push Scentsy off onto my readers.  You guys come to me for books, not wax warmers and bathroom sprays.

I will probably blog about it from time to time, since blogging helps me work things out in my brain that I can’t always work out without putting it on paper.  But I’ll start using categories again so you can ignore them if you wish.

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