Why Well-Meaning Dietary Suggestions Suck

I know everyone is just trying to make me feel better.  I could make a dietary change that might help and cut down on my sugar, but the rest of the suggestions aren’t for me.  It isn’t that I don’t want to try them or that I think they won’t work, but because they won’t work for me.  Here’s why:

I’m allergic to

  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Shellfish and by extension fish
  • Dairy

I can’t stand venison (even in sausage form), elk, moose, or any other wild game.  They all have a strange after taste to me.  I’m beginning to wonder if it is genetic, like people who think cilantro tastes like soap.  Maybe some people, like me, are more sensitive to the “gamy” taste of wild animals regardless of how much they get cleaned and processed, especially since almost no one in my mother’s family seems to enjoy the taste of wild game, including wild turkey and wild duck (we will probably all starve to death in the event of the zombie apocalypse).

I don’t make the enzymes to process folic acid, so I must be very careful about what vegetables I eat and how much of them I eat.  When folic acid isn’t broken down to be used by the body, it builds up in the organs in the form of a toxin.  This eventually leads to organ damage (hence why so many people in my father’s family have pancreatitis) and can lead to organ failure.

I’ve tried low carb and no carb dietary changes in the past, but essentially, I was starving myself to death.  When I increase the amount of meat I eat, my food goes right through my body at lightning speed (and not to be gross, but I’m talking about it comes out so fast I don’t digest it, this is especially rough if one has had lots of vegetables with their meat).  I can eat chicken, but not every night of the week…  I don’t have that kind of will power.

Fruit disagrees with me almost as much as meat.

Vegetables can become toxic unless I stick to things that aren’t green… but who the hell wants to eat squash, corn, carrots, and chicken every night of the week?  Wait, I don’t even like squash.  A nutritionist once told me that if I wanted to err on the side of caution so I didn’t have to measure out my vegetables every night, to just remember that all green veggies have some amount of folic acid in them.

I guess that does leave potatoes and cauliflower, but I dislike both of those to an intense degree.  Like cauliflower makes me gag…

I’ve been tested and I have no problems with gluten.  My body processes and uses it just fine.  I don’t know that removing it would change my pain, it hasn’t in the past and it didn’t help my weight or my PCOS, but I may have been too sick from not having food in my body to notice.

Also, my body does an amazing job of producing red blood cells and I’ve been told that using protein shakes of any kind would only increase my risk of blood clots, so I’m not a fan of that idea.

I have lots of friends who have changed to a paleo and keto lifestyle and it’s worked great for them for whatever they have been trying to achieve.  But aside from gluten, none of them have food allergies and as far as I can tell, none of them have the MTHFR 677t Homozygous gene mutation that prohibits the body from making folic acid.

I take daily vitamins and supplements to get nutrients I’m missing by not eating fruit or being able to process folic acid on my own.  However, other supplements can get dicey because beef gelatin is actually a common ingredient in vitamins, so I have to be careful about those as well.

If my choices are pain or starving to death, I think pain and pain management is probably the better option.  Since moving, I have seriously cut down on my sugar intake.  I’ve even lost 20 pounds or so.  I’m down a pants size, even with the swollen hip, thigh, and buttock.  And getting some of my weight off would probably help with my pain levels to some degree.

5 thoughts on “Why Well-Meaning Dietary Suggestions Suck

  1. AMEN! I get so friggin tired of dietary suggestions! No, I can’t do the coconut diet, my body can’t digest it. No, I can’t eat more of this or that. I have no appetite as it is, I do well to eat what I do get down. And none of these food suggestions are going to cure my autoimmune diseases. Just trust that I really do know what I can eat that will not come erupting out of my body.

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  2. Hadena don’t let anyone make you feel guilty or partly responsible for your pain because of your weight they did that to me for years I weigh 269 pounds 4 years inow and in a size 12 I was in a size 20 I took Forskolin after I got my pain under control and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia finally I was like allergic to everything and they made me feel like I was fat and a lot of my pain was my own fault and it was in my head because I was overweight and I couldn’t exercise and so a lot of my pain was all my own problems and fault and I couldn’t eat this and I couldn’t eat that and I couldn’t ask her size because of my pain and my thiss and that .Oh and I to to much pain medication…Stay strong for yourself and what you need for yourself and realize when you’re healthier the way will come down when you’re taking what you need to balance what you need for your body things will even out love you girl take care of yourself your friend Shay

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  3. just keep in mind The Duchess of Cambridge is getting tons of dietary advice against Morning sickness on steroids… and they have to take it with a smile you can at least frown at the computer while ignoring some and saying polite no thanks to others.. ;+} ❤

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