I have an MRI tonight.  My body has gone haywire after the ablation.  We are hoping the MRI will tell us why.

There are a couple of theories right now, none of them good.  The most likely seems to be that the ablation triggered an autoimmune reaction and my immune system is now attacking my nerves.  This seems to be supported by the fact that I have become hypersensitive to certain sensations.  I pulled off a bandage tonight and it felt like I was removing my skin.  I had my mom check to make sure my skin wasn’t coming off because of the glue and it wasn’t.  Several hours later, that one spot is still sore.  It feels like it’s been bruised by the bandage.

We are treating the pain finally with gabapentin and Vicodin.  I can’t work on gabapentin, it makes me feel like my head is disconnected from my body.  So, I am trying to only take it at night.  It’s hard since I’m still in pain.

I got a few paragraphs written last night, which is more than I have written since the ablation.  It’s slow, but it’s something and there’s no kissing stuff.  A little pain relief helps.

It will be October 3rd before I get the results of the MRI.  That feels like a lifetime from now.  Until then, I will continue to try to do what I need to do to get Demonic Dreams written.

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