Nerve Ablation

I expected an increase in pain after the ablation. I got more than I bargained for…

I constantly feel like I am broken at the waist, which is a strange feeling. My legs ache, the entire leg, on both sides, not just my lower legs. My left hip and left knee have begun to seriously hurt.

My feet are always cold and there’s some tingling in them. The back pain, which I almost never have, is bad enough that I have wondered if I have a kidney stone, except my urine is clear and it’s both sides. I can’t always tell if I’m in pain because of my hips or because I need to use the bathroom.

There is not a single comfortable position to be in… it hurts to sit, stand, or lay down. I am getting spontaneous nose bleeds when the pain is really bad, I’m sure it is because it is raising my blood pressure.

Mentally, I am even worse.

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